30 Health Tips

Below are 30 Nani maa ke nuskhe for curing and preventing various health problems and ailments.

  1. Applying ripe banana paste on burns and wounds and wrapping it with bandage gives instant relief from painful burning sensation and cures burns.
  2. Okra known as lady finger is excellent food for summers it is very good for those who easily get exhausted and feel weak and tired.
  3. Taking 3-6 grams of Indian gooseberry powder with milk cures hyperacidity.
  4. Pomegranate juice taken with pinch of saffron lessen thirst frequently caused during fever
  5. Eating two apples a day keeps constipation at bay.
  6. Applying apple cider vinegar dilute solution on age spots removes them.
  7. White goosefoot oil commonly known as bathua oil cures hookworm trouble.
  8. Beet root juice taken with carrot juice proves a great home remedy for curing gall bladder stone.
  9. Eggplant more familiar as brinjal is very good for those suffering of diabetes type II it helps in preventing and reducing glucose level.
  10. Whey called chaas when taken with equal quantities of rock salt, ginger and black pepper cures indigestion.
  11. Carrots are humans reliable friend eating raw carrot satisfies hunger, lowers blood pressure level, cholesterol level and prevents the risk of cancer.
  12. Clove bud boiled water help pregnant ladies in controlling vomiting sensation.
  13. Coconut oil aids in curing cuts and scratches.
  14. Coconut water is a kind of nectar for body it cures worms and cures stomach and intestinal problems.
  15. Cucumber has many benefits but out those one rare unknown benefit of cucumber is that it helps in preventing brittle nails of fingers and toes.
  16. Putting coriander juice in eyes during small pox attack prevents risk of eye damage.
  17. Falsa an exclusive summer fruit is good for digestive systems.
  18. Figs are a tasty way of loosing weight, eating figs help in reducing weight.
  19. Garlic’s add flavors in dishes and strengthen our body boosting white blood cell performance.
  20. Ginger has some antiseptic properties which is why ginger can be used to treat intestinal infection.
  21. Bit hard to accept but it’s a piece of information that grapes being raw form of alcohol can help in curing alcoholic addiction. If one is subject to sole grape diet.
  22. Guava is a fiber rich fruit good for blood pressure patients.
  23. Turmeric has a very prominent role in treating bronchial asthma.
  24. Asafetida when mixed with lemon juice effectively cures toothache.
  25. Honey and cinnamon paste is excellent for bone wellbeing.
  26. Dried peels of oranges can be used as bath oil for beautiful skin.
  27. Black pepper oil detoxifies colon and improves digestion.
  28. Custard Apple has many benefits like it cures constipation, indigestion and most importantly is good at treating diarrhea.
  29. Snake gourd gives a cooling effect and balances body’s fluid level.
  30. Basil leaves paste effectively cure skin infection.


Health Tips

  • Simple fitness exercises will help you to remain healthy and fit.
  • Take Fruits and green vegetables in your diet.
  • Always try to take a proper balanced and nutritious diet.
  • Always try to have one glass of milk everyday.
  • Make Raita of raw papaya and eating it will kill the germs of stomach
  • If your mouth stinks then take one orange daily up to two months.
  • Orange contains Vitamin C, so if you get hurt taking orange juice will help in improving soon.
  • Yoga is one of the best ways to remain fit and fine, and also work as stress reliever.
  • Baby feeding mother must take Melon everyday.
  • To have speedy recovery from illness, you must include papaya in your food.
  • Avoid the use of Alcohol or drugs.