Acid Reflux

Causes Of Acid Reflux
The causes of acidity can be several. While for some it is a recurrent problem due to the kind of diet or lifestyle they follow, for others in whom it is more persistent, it could signal a more serious underlying ailment.
•    Being overweight or obese can increase chances of acidity as the excess weight leads to poor digestion and signals a diet overloaded with fats such as oil and fatty food.
•    Large meals eaten just before lying down can cause acidity
•    Snacks consumed close to bedtime
•    Spicy or fatty food items as well as garlic, onions and citrus fruits can increase acidity symptoms
•    Certain beverages like caffeinated drinks as well as alcohol increase acidity
•    Being pregnant can also bring in acidity
•    Certain medications can lead to acidity as a side effect

The Symptoms Of Acid Reflux
Acidity is known as the acid reflux disease in medical terms. Everyone suffers acidity at some point in their lives. Hence, many are familiar with the symptoms that signify that they are suffering from acidity:
•    Heartburn is a burning pain or a discomfort that is faced as the acids in the stomach move up the esophagus to one’s chest or the throat
•    Regurgitation or burping acidic fluids is another sign of acidity that results in sour or bitter tasting acids backing up in one’s throat or mouth
•    Feeling of bloatedness is common in acidity as indigestion or accumulation of gas occurs in the abdomen
•    Burping
•    Bloody vomit
•    Black stool
•    Nausea
•    Dry or wheezing cough

Home Remedies For Acid Reflux

When you face the problem of acidity, no matter what are the causes, you need to do something to overcome the discomfort. Indeed, the discomfort caused by acute acidity can paralyze a person in the middle of wok or any other daily activity. They would need to sit down or lie down but more important, the right step has to be taken in order to bring down the acidity that burns up the stomach and the throat.

1.    Resort To Cloves
When you are suffering from gastritis, it is necessary to take cloves as:
•    It is seen as a wonder drug that can get one out of the sensation
•    It is best to chew down on one or two pieces of cloves to allow the juices to attack the acid reflux

2.    Try Cumin
You could try cumin seeds in the following way to obtain relief from acidity:
•    Take a teaspoon of cumin seeds and roast them
•    Crush them in a manner that it does not get powdered down completely
•    Add this to a glass of water.
When this concoction is taken after every meal it will help to control acidity.

3.    Jaggery
A powerful home remedy for combating acidity is jaggery. It is known to help in treating acidity and heartburn.
•    After every meal a small lump of jiggery can be put in the mouth
•    Allow it to dissolve inside the mouth
•    However if one has blood sugar problem, then this should be avoided.

4.    Consider Yoghurt
Yogurt is a great antacid and this can combat feelings of acidity.
•    Mix the yoghurt with slices of cucumber and coriander
•    It will aid digestion
•    Help to eliminate acidity

5.    Basil Leaves
Basil leaves are known for their medicinal properties. It is said that, if basil leaves are chewed it helps to combat acidity.
•    One could consume a few crushed basil leaves with honey
•    Consume basil leaves in tea
•    Consume the lave by chewing

6.    Butter Milk
Another variant of yoghurt, butter milk made with salt and sugar in which a teaspoon of black pepper powder is added will help to:
•    Combat acidity
•    Aid digestion

7.    Use Of Mint Leaves
It would be great if one consumed mint in the following forms:
•    Drinking fresh mint juice
•    Chewing raw mint leaves
These will help to combat indigestion as well as keep away acidity

8.    Use Of Ginger
Ginger used in the food that is consumed will help as it is known to treat many ailments including digestion problems. If one is suffering from indigestion, on should consume ginger:
•    It is an ingredient in their meals
•    Crushed ginger or its juice half an hour before every meal

9.    Milk As An Antacid
Milk is known to be a drink that can also act as a complete health food. It is rich in many micronutrients that are essential for the system.
•    It is known to be rich in calcium
•    It will help to prevent the buildup of stomach acid
Thus, one should drink a glass of milk after dinner to soothe the stomach. It should be taken if one has eaten a spicy meal.

10.    Consume Ice Cream
If you are suffering from acidity and are away from home, a quick and effective remedy for heartburn would be to indulge in ice cream:
•    It will help to reduce the heart burn
•    It will aid the fight against acidity

11.    Avoid Highly Spiced Food Items
If you are prone to suffer from heartburn it is best to stay away from spicy food items. These include:
•    Spicy curries
•    Oily and fried food items
•    One should opt for food cooked in less oil and spices.

12.    Avoid Non Vegetarian Dishes
Non vegetarian dishes cooked in high spices and oil often leads to indigestion and acidity.
•    Such food items are difficult to digest
•    The spices used in the preparation of such meal increases the chances of acidity

13.    Medication You Are Taking
You might be taking on certain types of medication which causes the acidity
•    Anti inflammatory drugs
•    Other prescribed drugs which cause acidity as a side effect
•    One should be aware of such medication and their effects and take steps to replace them or take up counter measures to control the acidity attacks.

14.    Increase Water Intake
One needs to increase their intake of water. As acidity is usually due to indigestion, it will help by:
•    Flushing out the toxins
•    Helping to flush out the wastes or undigested food that is causing the acidity

15.    Aniseed Can Help
One can resort to this effective home remedy for gaining relief from acidity.
•    A teaspoonful of aniseed should be taken
•    It should be soaked in a cup of water
•    It should be taken in the morning with honey

16.    Identify The Food Items To Avoid
Often, some food items trigger on acidity in some more than other food items.
•    It is best to stay away from consuming such food items
•    Even if it is consumed, resorting to one of the remedies stated above will bring on relief

17.    Antacid Concoctions
If you are suffering from acidity and there is no home remedy that you can resort to:
•    It is best to opt for an antacid pill over the counter at departmental stores
•    Read the instruction carefully before you consume such a pill

18.    Avoid Large Breaks Between Meals
It is best to avoid acidity by changing he eating pattern
•    Start consuming smaller meals
•    Reduce the time gap between meals

19.    Have An Active Lifestyle
Those who do not have an active lifestyle and eat unhealthy food are more prone to face digestive problems like acidity. It is necessary to:
•    Increase regular and physical exercises in one’s exercise regime
•    One should be more active and eat light and healthy meals