Acupressure for asthma,cough and sore throat


These acupoints are CV22,  Li 4, St 36, K 27, and LU 11.  Remember that you need to apply acupressure on the other side of the body as well. You can start applying acupressure therapy from less painful side.          

CV 22 – Location: in the hollow directly below the Adam’s apple.

Direction: apply firm deep strokes of pressure in downward direction.

Li 4 – This point is forbidden for pregnant women.                           

Location: between thumb and index finger as indicated.

St36 – This point is forbidden for pregnant women

Start with a less painful side.

Location: with the tip of your index finger probe the area

on the front side of a leg below the knee until you feel a

slight dip.

K27 – Location: in the hollow under the clavicle, next to the breastbone.

To find the point follow the clavicle until it connects to the


(If you have difficulty following the clavicle bone, move shoulder back and forth.)


LU 11: The point on the outside of your thumb by the base of the nail is called LU 11 (Lung 11)In Chinese, it is called  Lesser Merchant. This point is wonderful for nipping a cold in the bud.

At the first sign of a sore throat, use your other fingernail, a toothpick or a pencil eraser to apply pressure. This helps to strengthen your respiratory system and give it a boost of strength to ward of the invading cold. Don’t wait for too long. Once the cold has taken hold, it will be too late and other points and therapies might well be necessary. This point is also helpful for asthma and congestion.

Throat Sore tips:

  • If neither of these points help your throat, it is most likely that your immune system is depressed. Take some time to relax your body and your voice. Try drinking GingerTea or some cold season tea.
  • You should definitely avoid all dairy products. Milk products create more phlegm and you will only make your throat worse by needing to clear it often. Also the dairy will make the PH in your throat more acidic and in the long run more irritated.

Quick remedies:

  • Increase Your Fluids: Drinking more liquids can help soothe headaches and sore throats. Dehydration can exacerbate a headache, so drinking lots of water can help speed a headache on its way. If your throat hurts, stirring a mixture of honey and lemon into hot tea or water can temporarily cut mucus and coat your throat to relieve pain.
  • Warm or Cool Compresses: To soothe aches and pains, a warm compress is effective for headaches and sore throats. Use a warm cloth or a small bag of uncooked rice heated in the microwave and place the warm compress on your head or throat for 15 to 20 minutes. For severe or persistent pain, alternate 20 minutes of warm compress with 1 minute of cold compress.