Acupressure for lower back pain

Acupressure Points for Hip,

Lower Back Pain & Sciatica

Key Acupressure Points for Hip, Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

I know that millions of people could get help if they knew these acupressure points for relieving hip pain, lower backaches, and sciatic pain. I think having these acupressure points both illustrated on an anatomical drawing and seeing how to press them in a photo – makes it clear where these points are located as well as how to press them. These points are like my friends. Continue reading and I’ll share how I have used them to heal others and myself.For best results press down and inward gradually, towards the center of your pelvis, and hold firmly for a couple of minutes, then release gradually. So many people suffer from pain deep in this pelvic area. Acupressure point location for B 48 is one to two finger widths outside the large bony area at the base of the spine (sacrum) and midway between the top of the hipbone (iliac crest) and the base of the buttocks.Lower Back Pain: I will never forget the woman who came to my acupressure class of over 50 social workers. She told me that she had so much lower back pain that she couldn’t sit in a chair; she had to lie down. At the break, when she asked for help with her lower back pain, these pelvic points surprised both of us. Even though the acupressure points illustrated above were so much lower than the pain in her back, they relieved it significantly in just 10 minutes.

For Sciatica: These acupressure points are the most effective spots on the body for relieving sciatica and hip pain. To relieve this pain, get a one-pound sack of beans and lay on your side so the sack of beans presses into these points. Adjust the position of your legs so it hurts good.