• Alcoholism is a psychological condition
 • Addiction to alcohol can affect one’s life negatively
 • Family support and encouragement is critical to help quit drinking
Symptoms to look for:
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Irritability
• Regular absence from work
• Insomnia
• Frequent intoxicated state
Natural home remedy using carom seeds:
1. Take 500 g of carom seeds
2. Add them to 8 L of water
3. Boil the mixture till about 2 L water is left
4. Filter the mixture
5. Drink 3-4 tbsp whenever you get a craving for alcohol
Natural home remedy using apple juice: 
 Drink 2 glasses of apple juice everyday to reduce the craving

This is also an easy to practice home remedy to remove the harmful addiction of Alcoholism.

Take 21 seeds of black pepper [कलि मिरी] and 7 to 8 sticks of Holy Basil known in India commonly as Tulsi [तुलसी] leaves along with the sticks. Put both these ingredients in drinking water everyday and keep overnight.

It is said that drinking a glass of water on getting up in the morning for three months eradicates the harmful habit of Alcoholism.This water can also be taken by anyone as it is considered good for all round health.