Allergy to non veg

1. Avoid toxins. Choose natural, organic foods where possible. Drink pure filtered or natural spring water. Avoid harsh soaps or shampoos and household cleaner.

2. Reduce stress, and develop a calm outlook on life. Stress and toxins are the major contributors to allergy and most other disease.

3. Cut out milk and milk products. You can get all the calcium you need from sardines, raw almonds, lots of dark leafy greens in your diet, kelp, carrot juice, beans or lentils. Reduce coffee and sugar, as they interfere with calcium absorption. DO NOT eat margarine.

4. Avoid red meat completely, at least until the problems are resolved. Instead, get protein from lentils, pulses, nuts (not if they cause a reaction), and fish.

5. Eat more raw, fresh fruits and vegetables every day (especially vegetables), and also freshly made juices. These ensure that the digestive system gets all the enzymes it needs, as digestive problems can cause and aggravate allergies and skin problems.

6. Take flaxseed oil every day. It is antiflammatory, and proven to help soothe and heal the skin.

7. Eat oily fish 3 times a week to get more essential fatty acids (the kind also found in flaxseed oil). Essential fatty acids are crucial for skin health.

8. Take a natural probiotic supplement. These are safe, and will help rebalance intestinal bacteria to support the immune system. If you can find it, choose a probiotic supplement that also contains colostrum (Yes, the same thing that precedes breast milk)to help strengthen the immune system.

9. Always wash new clothes, as many are chemically treated. Wash them in pure soap flakes, not detergents.

10. Bathe in pure, filtered water (if possible get a chlorine filter on your bath tap), without soap. If you need soap, use pure castile soap.  Pure, virgin, cold pressed olive oil can be soothing to the skin, but first, try in a small spot, as your brother could react to it.

11. If the skin condition flares up, try soothing it with a cool compress of pure water. If he has to use drugs, use them only when absolutely necessary.