Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is a condition that causes a person’s hair to fall out. It is an autoimmune disease…

Alopecia areata is a condition that causes a person’s hair to fall out. It is an autoimmune disease; that is, the person’s immune system attacks their body, in this case, their hair follicles. When this happens, the person’s hair begins to fall out, often in clumps the size and shape of a quarter. The extent of the hair loss varies; in some cases, it is only in a few spots. In others, the hair loss can be greater.
According to Ayurveda, this is caused due to aggravation of Vata & pitta. A few easy and simple tips for Alopecia prevention are:
1.Green tea (Camelia sinensis), 2 cups per day, and saw palmetto (Serenoa repens), 100 mg twice a day

2.Mix a tsp. each of salt and black pepper powder with 5 tsp. of coconut oil and apply it to the bald patches. It will restore the growth of hair.

3.Good home remedy for alopecia using Onion: Round patches of baldness appear on the scalp when hair fall off in bunches. Onion juice should be rubbed into such bald patches regularly for some time. It will help the hair to grow again.

4.Traditional natural home remedy for alopecia using Neem: Application of neem oil regularly for two-three months at the bald spots helps the hair to grow again.

5.Rub the bald spots with a piece of rough cloth and apply the paste of ground arhar thrice a day. Apply mustard oil the following day and sit in the Sun. Again apply the arhar paste after four hours

6.Jasmine, Coconut and amla oil-all are beneficial for the hair.

7.Rosemary is an useful hair tonic and conditioner. Rosemary also aids retain color especially in dark hair.

8.To a cup of coconut milk put in two tablespoons of gram flour. Apply on the scalp and massage softly. Wash the hair after five minutes. Use this practice one time in a week.

9.The use of henna as a natural conditioner proves to be very helpful for your hair. It helps to bring back the bounce and flair of your hair which has been deficient for quite a while. 15. For a enormous hair treatment/conditioner try 1 egg yoke, 1-2 Tbsp Olive Oil, and 2-3 drops Vitamin E. Merge these, wet hair, mix combination into hair. Let set for 3-5 minutes, feels/looks/smell strange but it works so fine and then wash out with shampoo.

10.Pure aloe vera gel can be purchased at most drugstores and health food stores. After shampooing, apply liberally to the scalp, massage thoroughly and rinse.