Amoebic Dysentery

Dysentery – Natural Cure of Dysentery

Dysentery is a disease of the intestines attended with frequent bloody and mucous stools. The patient does not feel hungry and feels weak. In the beginning, there are frequent stools marked by spasmodic pain in the stomach and passing of a white oily substance called mucous, but gradually the frequency of diarrheic stools increases. There is a bloody flux also. While passing the stool, one feels pain in the stomach. The dysenteric patient should take plenty of rest. The chief reason for dysentery is an inflammation in the lower part of ileum and the large intestine.

There are two types of dysentery:

– Bacillary Dysentery: The patient feels the urge for passing the stools frequently. The stools are marked by a bloody flux.

– Amoebic Dysentery: It is caused by the germ Entamoeba Histolytia. It gets into the intestines with dirty food and causes inflammation. It gradually becomes chronic and then it is difficult to treat.

Natural Home remedies for the treatment of Dysentery

Simple home remedy for dysentery using Castor oil : Take 2 tsp. of castor oil mixed in hot milk as soon as you notice mucous in the stool. It will give prompt relief. Castor oil is beneficial in dysentery attended with both mucous and blood.

Good home remedy for dysentery using Lemon : Lemon juice in a cup of fresh water thrice a day is helpful in dysentery. Taking lemon in milk is also useful. This will provide relief from dysentery.

How to get rid of dysentery – Getting rid of dysentery

Effective home remedy for dysentery using Fenugreek : Take 60 grams juice of fenugreek leaves with 6 grams sugar mixed in it. A tsp. of the powder of fenugreek seeds can be taken mixed in curd. Eating fenugreek leaves fried in ghee cures dysentery.

Natural home remedy for dysentery using Wheat : Grind aniseed, mix the powder in water, strain it and use it to knead wheat flour. Prepare chapattis (a thin cake or bread) and eat them during meals. It will be beneficial in diarrhoea and dysentery.

Homemade recipes for dysentery

Herbal home remedy for dysentery using Aniseed : Boil 6 grams aniseed in 82 ml. of water. When the water is reduced to half the quantity, mix 1 gram black salt and give to the patient. If the patient is a little child, give 12 ml. of it, thrice a day. It is highly effective for dysentery.

Traditional natural home remedy for dysentery using Pomegranate : Boil 15 grams dried rind of pomegranate along with 2 ground cloves, strain it and drink half a cup of it thrice daily. Those who stiffer from amoebiasis or dysentery or stomach cramps should use it regularly. It will be quite beneficial for dysentery.

Diet tips for dysentery

Black pepper : Taking black pepper is useful for patients of dysentery.

Basil : The use of basil leaves mixed with sugar cures dysentery.

Bel : Ripe bel syrup provides a successful treatment for dysentery with mucous. It clears the bowels effectively.

Water : A glass of hot water taken regularly after meals is good for patients of amoebiasis.

Rice : For patients of dysentery, rice is a good diet.

Dates: Taking dates with curd is beneficial.