Anal fissures

Nature Cure for Anal fissures:

The treatment of anal fissures should first commence by taking all the necessary steps to avoid constipation and soften the stools and keep them regular. The patient should be made to fast on raw juices for about five days. Juices of fruits such as carrot, orange and pineapple may be taken during this period. The patient should drink a glass of juice every two hours throughout the day mixed with water in equal proportions. Warm water enema should be administered daily during this period to cleanse the bowels.

The patient may thereafter switch to an exclusive diet of fresh fruits for the first five days. He should take fresh juicy fruits such as apple, pineapple, orange, peach, pears, grapes and papaya at an interval of five hours during this period. After this the patient can gradually embark to a well balanced diet.

The patient should strictly adhere to diet restrictions in curing anal fissure. This should consist of unrefined foods such as molasses, lentils, whole grain cereals, honey, green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, French beans, tomatoes, cabbage, onions, carrot, pumpkins and beet; fresh fruits especially mangoes, pears, figs, grapes, papaya, oranges, guavas and gooseberries; dry fruits such as apricots, figs, raisins and dates and milk products in the form of milk, butter and ghee.

One of the most effective remedy in the treatment of anal fissure is a gentle instillation of about 65 grams of olive oil into the rectum. This should be repeated daily as needed as it helps in softening the hardened stool.

Foods such as biscuits, cakes, pastries, fleshy foods, cheese, preservatives, products made of white flour, rice and white sugar should be avoided as they result into constipation. It is necessary to strictly avoid sugary foods as sugar steals away the B vitamins from the body without which the intestines cannot function properly.

Drinking sufficient quantity of water is beneficial not only for cleansing the system but also for removing constipation, washing out poisons and diluting the blood. However proper care should be taken not to drink water along with meals as it dissolves the gastric juices necessary for proper digestion. It should be taken one hour before or one hour after meals.

Daily dry friction should form a basic part of the treatment for anal fissure. The affected part should be bathed several times daily with hot and cold fomentations. A piece of linen material should be applied for three to four minutes after being wrung in hot water This hot application should be repeated three times for the same length of time. This should be followed by cold application. This order should always be adopted namely three hot applications followed by one cold application.

Regular physical exercises and fresh air should form an important part of daily health regimen. Yogic asanas such as pavanmuktasana, yogamudra, uttanpadasana, vajrasana, shalabhasana and shavasana are also very beneficial in the treatment of this disease.

Thus it can be concluded that the application of various natural remedies have been found to be very beneficial and effective in the