Ayurvedic oils


There are various types of ayurvedic massage oils that render a healing touch to the body and cure it of many diseases. Based on the different doshas a person belongs to, various ayurvedic massage oils have varying effects on individuals. Knowing the elements that suits an individual, is thus essential for effective medication.

While a person with a mix of air and space may derive benefit from Vatha oil massage with warming oils, another with a combination of fire and water might gain from a Pitta oil massage with cooling oils. A dry Kapha oil or warm mustard oil massage suit those who have water with some parts of Earth as their elements.


Amla (Amalaki ) Thailam

Amla oil can be used to address the problem of hair loss, along with some other popular herbs like shikakai and reetha. Its active ingredients can enrich the hair from the root, to stimulate hair growth. It can also make the roots of the hair follicles strong, to help prevent excessive hair loss. Being an excellent conditioner, amla oil can smoothen dry hair and add a natural shine or luster to it. Besides this, as amla has a cooling and calming effect on the body and mind, application of its oil can help to de-stress your mind or relax.

Anu Thailam

Anu Thailam Nasal Oil is Ayurveda for Allergies, Sinusitis, and Migraines Anu Thailam is used in Ayurveda for allergies, sinus congestion, to prevent sinus infection, and migraine headaches. It cleanses and moistens the mucus membranes, kills bacteria and fungi, thins mucus and stimulates its flow, shrinks swelling in the mucus membranes of the sinus, opens and lubricates. It can also be used for people who are quitting smoking as it improves the sense of smell and changes consciousness.Anu Thailam is very refreshing, so is also used for mental fatigue.

Aswagandha Thailam

Ashwagandha Oil is used for strengthening the weak muscles when they are tired from overuse or underdeveloped. Ashwagandha Oil is good for dry skin ,muscular spasms and pain. This nourishing oil helps to ease tension and build strength when muscles are tired from overuse. Blended with sesame oil, this oil is high in mineral including calcium and magnesium, both renowned for soothing the nervous system. Ashwagandha oil’s creation was guided by Ayurveda, the ancient Indian philosophy of health and well being.

Balashwagandadhi Thailam (Sahasrayogam)

Balaswagandhadi Tailam which are among the best Ayurveda herbs to ensure proper nutrition to human body. Bala is best to pacify the Vata Dosha which when aggravated causes all the wear and tears; Ashwagandha is best to nourish the body at cellular and tissue level while Laksha is best to nourish the muscular part of the body. Balaswagandhadi Tailam is also known as Ashwagandha bala lakshadi Tailam. As a combination Balaswagandhadi Tailam is best recommended in catarrh, consumption and blood disorders. It also benefits a lot in fever, weakness of muscles, bones and joints etc.

Brahmi Thailam

Brahmi Oil is a mind balancing herbal oil from the Ayurvedic tradition of India. Brahmi Oil is made of sesame oil infused with a decoction of brahmi (centella asiatica, also known as gotu kola) and bacopa (bacopa monniera). The healing qualities of these remarkable herbs combine with the soothing properties of the oil for balanced effects.

Chandanadhi Thailam

Chandanadi Tailam is an Ayurvedic Body Massage Oil, especially for the head. It relieves mental tension and headaches, cooling them down with the natural effects of Sandalwood. This is a wonderful cooling oil,excellent for Shirodhara and as a head oil, as well as for massage. Chandanadi is popular among Pitta types, and among those desiring relief from agitation and other Pitta emotions.When applied on the head it provides a calm, peaceful and refreshed mental state. It offers relief from insomnia, fever, headache, tension and burning sensations.

Dhanwantharam Thailam (Ashtangahridayam)

Dhanwantari Thailam is most popular general massage oil. Named for the patron deity of Ayurveda, it is a fragrant, earthy oil containing 28 herbs. Dhanwantharam is good for all body types, especially Vata and Pitta. Featuring a potent anti-oxidant effect, it rejuvenates the body and skin and increases immunity. Beneficial for neurological and rheumatic diseases, as well as chronic Vata conditions and pre- and post-natal care. It is also a fine Shirodhara and head oil.

Dhanwantharam Kuzhambhu (Ashtangahridayam)

Sesame oil and ghee based medicated liquid for external application. Very effective in paralytic disorders and also for women in pregnancy stage and postnatal care. It is also beneficial in post traumatic cases. Kuzhambu for external use. an excellent massage oil for your daily bath. it keeps the body free from all pains and discomforts.

Eladhi Thailam (Sahasrayogam)

This unique coconut oil based herbal preparation is widely used for its remarkable results in different skin diseases like boils, leucoderma, minor inflammations due insect bites and several other acute and chronic infections. Since the base is coconut oil it could be safely used in children with immense efficacy. Though not for a purpose of treatment Eladi kera Thailam is much advised by physicians for regular use irrespective of age and gender. This is one among the safest oils for application suggested in infants for regular massage. Scalp, mildly infected with dandruff is well treated with timely application of Eladi keram.

Karporadhi Thailam (Sahasrayogam)

Karpooradi thailam is a versatile medicated oil with camphor as the major ingredient, used to relieve pain and inflammation on external application. It relieves the stiffness caused by spasm, cramp, chronic ailments etc and imparts painless movements of joints. It acts as refreshing oil for massage which also helps in soothing down the painful muscles and joints. With its pleasing fragrance it revives the mind and body. As a medium of support it is usually mixed in adequate quantities with appropriate oils for external application in several Rheumatic conditions of joints. Since the karpooradi thailam instantly helps in alleviating pain and swelling, it is usually advised in acute ailments and blunt injuries.

Kottamchukkadi Thailam

This Oil is very helpful in cases of Arthritis. It is anti­inflammatory and helpful in relieving the tension in the joints.Kottamchukkadi Thailam is an Ayurvedic oil used in the treatment of Vata disorders causing neuro muscular pains, sciatica, spondylosis etc.Kottamchukkadi Thailam is an Ayurvedic oil used in the treatment of Vata disorders causing neuro muscular pains,sciatica, spondylosis etc.

Ksherabala Thailam ( Ashtanga Hridayam)

Ksheerabala taila – name suggests that it is processed only for one time. Ksheera means cow milk, Bala means an herb called Sida cordifolia, Taila means – sesame oilUsually this oil is used for external application, as in massage, Panchakarma treatment (enema) etc. Ksheerabala Thailam  is an Ayurvedic oil used in the treatment of  Vata disorders causing neuro muscular pains, sciatica, spondylosis, paralysis etc.

Lakashadi Thailam

Lakshadi Thailam is an Ayurvedic Body Massage Oil. It is especially recommended for women and children. Useful in easy muscle aches and body pains.

Murivenna (Sahasrayogam)

Murivenna is a special medicated oil developed regionally in Kerala out of highly potent herbs like karanja, kumari, sigru, palandu etc, processed in coconut oil as base, Murivenna is popular for the appreciable results it has in the treatment of acute injuries like sprain, cramps, closed, fractures and bruises. Murivenna has marked results in the treatment of arthritic disorders like pain, swelling, stiffness, spasticity and other acute as well as chronic ailments present in the joints. Abyangam, Pichu, Kativasti etc are performed with Murivenna for better results. It is either applied wholly over the body or applied over the site of injury, as per the case. The anti- inflammatory properties of the herbal ingredients present in Murivenna make it the prime medicine of treatment in acute injuries which involves swollen and painful sites.

Mahanarayana Thailam (Sahasrayogam)

An effective Ayurvedic medicated oil for the treatment of Rheumatic disorders. Stiffness and painful movements of joints, swelling, burning sensation, numbness etc are convincingly treated with the external application and internal administration of this oil. A medicated Ayurvedic oil prepared out of herbals, which helps in the treatment of disorders related to Arthritis. Facial palsy, paralysis, Deafness, ailments of tongue, gum and teeth are also cured with Valiya Narayana Thailam. It also acts as a good medicine to help women conceive. Valiya Narayana Thailam has its proven results in the treatment of male impotency. It has proven results in the treatment of insanity. It could either be used internally or applied externally, as per the condition of the disease. It could be used externally for therapies like Abyangam, Pichu, Kativasti, Nasyam and Dhara.

Maramaani Thailam (Sahasrayogam)

Marma Thailam is a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine.It is indicated in Ayurvedic treatment of Fractures, Dislocations and sprains.It is used for external application over the affected areas. Because herbal plants are more effectively producing its therpeutical values and also the changes in human body is more accepting externaly.

Pinda Thailam

Pinda Oil is made without compromise from the highest quality ingredients. It is recognized in Ayurveda for being particularly useful in joint aches and pains. It is a cooling, soothing red oil that is specifically for Pitta conditions, such as pain, inflammation or heat. Prevents excessive exfoliation of the skin and soothes foot blisters and burning sensations.Pinda Thailam is useful for bringing inflammation down in the body.

Sahachradhi Thailam (Sahasrayogam)

A versatile medicated oil with herb Sahchara, as major ingredient, treats almost entire aspects of Rheumatic disorder affecting the lower limb. Lower back ache, Sciatica, numbness and tingling sensation of lower limbs are well treated with appropriate mode of application of Sahacharadi Thailam. As a preventive measure, it could also be used regularly by patients who once had an attack of Rheumatism, to check the recurrence and further progress of the disease.It also has proven results in the treatment of varicosity, where the application of oil has to be made in the upward direction. Tumors, convulsions and vaginal ailments are also treated with apt mode of usage of Sahacharadi Thailam.

Shirodhara Thailam (Sahasrayogam)

Shrodhara Thailam has been used for centuries throughout India to restore vitality to the Vata skin and to cool the body of Pita people. It will soothe, moisten, and warm the Vata constitution which tends to be cool, dry, and beset with nervous energy. Chandanadi thailam is known to promote the gentle elimination of toxins, improve the blood circulation, and to nourish dry and dehydrated skin. It also helps in cases of arthritis and hypertension and, in addition, helps to relieve sleeplessness and nervous tension.

Tridosha Thailam (Sahasrayogam)

Tridosha blend is harmonizing in its actions and effects, working on 3 levels: Through its aromatic properties, it first opens the nerves and brain to a greater infusion of prana. Once the nerve cells are thus stabilized and nourished, built up toxins may be eliminated more optimally via digestion and the downward flowing apana vayu. The herbs used bring heat up to the pores, helping to decongest these pathways of elimination as well.

Navarazhi Kizhi

Navara Kizhi is a treatment using medicated milk porridge with Navara Rice made into bundle (Kizhi) and then the kizhi is dipped in a mixture of milk and medicinal decoction and is applied all over the body. It is an immuno-enhancing rejuvenation therapy and is made use in convalescence period of injury and trauma.

Podi Kizhi

A type of Ayurvedic massage treatment with herbal powders, Podikizhi is effective in curing arthritis, paralysis and neuro-muscular diseases. It is mainly done with the powdered roots of herbal plants. The mixture is tied in muslin cloth boluses and is again heated in warm fire. It is then soaked in herbal oil to massage the whole body. After that, the patient is given a bath in moderately warm water. The treatment is an alterative to remove toxins and balance tridosha – vata (nerve energy), pitta (catabolic fire energy) and kapha (anabolic nutritive energy).