Baby Constipation

Top 5 Home Remedies for Baby


If you have a baby, you know how frustrating it can be when they are constipated. Learn some home remedies that you will keep handy for those days when constipation is your new best friend.

What is Baby Constipation?

When we think of constipation, we think of not being able to go to the bathroom. With baby constipation, we are really talking about the consistency of the stool rather than how frequent they use the bathroom. The way you know if they are constipated, the stool will be painful and hard to pass. Let’s face it; we know when our babies are trying to use the bathroom. We also know when they are in pain from trying. These are usually good signs that they have baby constipation.

Soothing a Baby with Constipation

If your baby has constipation, it can be difficult to soothe them. Try to rock them if they are struggling falling asleep. Another method is to hold close and walk around the house. The jostling is soothing to many babies. Rubbing their bellies is another soothing method that your constipated baby may appreciate.

#1 Baby Constipation Home Remedy

What you need:

Baby Bottle


Prune Juice


Prune juice has been proven to be helpful for passing stool when constipated. To make your constipation home remedy, fill the bottle three fourths full. Add one fourth of the prune juice and mix completely. Give this to the baby for relief from constipation.

The prune juice will not be a substitute breast milk or formula. Give the prune juice in addition to the normal feeding amount.

#2 Baby Constipation Home Remedy

What you need:

Baking Soda

A Warm Bath


Prepare bath as normal. Make sure to make the water warm but not hot. The baby will appreciate the semi warm bath. Add in a couple teaspoons of baking soda and mix fully before putting the baby inside the bath. Let the baby soak for up to ten minutes before taking them out. This can be repeated a couple times a week if necessary.

#3 Baby Constipation Home Remedy

What you need:

Milk of Magnesia


Add one teaspoon of Milk of Magnesia into the baby’s milk bottle. This can be done twice a day but beware of the results. This works very well so you won’t have to use the Milk of Magnesia very long.

#4 Baby Constipation Home Remedy

What you need:

Formula or breast milk

Dark Karo Syrup (1 tsp.)


Add in one teaspoon of Karo syrup into your formula or breast milk. Give this to the baby for quick results. If you don’t want to mix the milk and Karo syrup, you can use water instead.

#5 Baby Constipation Home Remedy

What you need:



Rub the Vaseline on the baby’s bottom. This not only will loosen up the area, but will also help the stool to come out. Be prepared for the stool to come!