Baby Teething

Top 10 Home Remedies & Tips for Baby


If your baby is teething, check out these fabulous home remedies! Get some sleep by using teething home remedies.

There is nothing more special than when we bring the baby home from the hospital. The first few weeks are filled with love and adoration as we stare at the little one, thankful for a beautiful baby. Over the next few months, reality starts to set in. When a baby starts teething, it hurts. When it hurts, babies cry.

Sometimes, it doesn’t seem to matter what time of day it is. Whether you’re at the grocery store or at the gas pump, when their gums hurt, they cry. Learn some quick home remedies for teething teeth! Not only will you love the home remedies but quick tips for babies is a necessity. Babies are going to cry. We know that before their even born. Let’s learn how to keep them happy even when they have teething gums.

What causes Teething?

When a baby or child has a tooth coming in, this can cause inflammation, discomfort, and sleep loss. The sleep loss applies to the parent as much as to the kid. Teething can be painful, which can cause the baby to be fussy. Sometimes you can rub your finger over the gum and feel the tooth underneath the skin.

How to Soothe the Teething Baby

There is nothing worse than a teething baby. The key is to soothe their gums with a teething home remedy. This will relieve the pain associated with teething and help them rest. It is often helpful to find that one thing that helps your baby fall asleep. Whether it is rocking or you walking around the house constantly; if it helps, do this when they are hurting from teething. When our babies cry, it doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we know it is helping the baby.

Vanilla Teething Home Remedy

What you need:

Vanilla Extract


Rub the vanilla extract over the inflamed gums. This can relieve discomfort associated with the teething. This can be repeated as often as needed as the vanilla will taste good to the baby.


Beef Jerky Teething Home Remedy

What you need:

Beef Jerky


If you haven’t ever heard of giving your baby a piece of beef jerky before, you don’t know what you’re missing. First and foremost, this is for older babies, at least six to eight months old. The beef jerky is difficult to bite off making this the perfect teething toy. The beef jerky tastes good also which gives the baby incentive to chomp down. After about ten to fifteen minutes, check the beef jerky as it might be time to replace with a new piece. You don’t want the baby to be able to bite off beef jerky pieces, only chew for pain relief.

Tips for a Teething Baby:

Give ice to the baby to chew on. The ice will numb the baby’s gums.

Cold objects (frozen is good) can relieve inflammation.

Apply gentle pressure onto hurting gums as this can bring relief.

Freeze a Banana!

Carrots are wonderful for a baby that is teething!

Numb the gums with Baby Orajel.

Keep their hands busy!

Add Chamomile Tea to a Baby bottle to help soothe the baby!

Foods with Calcium are important while the baby is teething.

Freeze the teething ring!