Back pain-2

home remedies for back pain
Over weight is the main problem that cause back pain, Our body can’t bear that extra pressure on the back, so the first thing you should do is lose excess weight.>Do Exercises: Lie on your stomach with your face towards the ground. lift your back alone with thighs attached to your ground. Repeat it 15 times a day. Only exercises will reduce the back pain.

>Massage: To seek relief from back pain, massage your back with eucalyptus oil and garlic oil.

>Half a tea spoon of Jaggery is very effective medicine that can be eaten with warm water after meals only.

>Drink a glass of warm water mixed with tablespoon of honey will surely soothe back pain.

>Boil Tulsi leaves in water then add salt after cooling and drink it.

>Poor posture is the main reason for back pain. Do not sit in the same position for several hours and also sit straight and do not stoop.

>Omega 3’s : Eat up omega 3’s, because it reduces inflammation and back pain. Take Cold water fish regularly in your diet.

>B Vitamins: Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 helps muscles relax and also reduce the neuropathic pain.