Bed Wetting

• Bedwetting is a condition when a person unintentionally urinates while sleeping
• It is highly common amongst kids between the age of 3-5 years
• However, it can affect people of any age
• Children have an immature nervous system. It does not alert them when their bladder is full
• Small bladder is unable to retain urine produced at night
• Medical conditions like:
   o Urinary tract infection
   o Constipation
   o Diabetes
   o Anaemia
   o Epilepsy
Natural home remedy using Indian gooseberries, turmeric powder and honey:
1. Cut, de-seed and crush 2 Indian gooseberries
2. Add a pinch of turmeric powder
3. Add 1 tsp honey
4. Mix well
5. Have 1 tsp of the mixture in the morning
Natural home remedy using milk, fennel seeds and sugar:
1. Take 1 glass warm milk
2. Add 1 tsp fennel seeds
3. Take 4 tbsp of sugar
4. Add 1 glass of water to this sugar
5. Heat this mixture till it becomes a thick syrup
6. Add 2 tbsp of this sugar syrup to the milk
7. Mix well
8. Drink this everyday
• Eat 2-3 walnuts and about 8-10 raisins at bedtime
• For children:
   o Avoid giving them liquids at bedtime
   o Make it a habit to urinate before sleeping