Benefits of drinking lemon water


Benefits of drinking lemon water:

Lemon water flush out the toxins in the body.Atomic composition if lemon is similar to saliva and hydrochloric acids.Lemons are high in vitamin and minerals which helps to drain toxins present in the digestive system.It relieves from sunburn and bloating in the stomach.To improve bowel movements in cancer patients doctors suggest lemon water.

Cleanse system:

Lemon water helps to flush out the unwanted materials and toxins which can block the urine.By having lemon water in the morning could increases the rate of urination in the body.By this toxin release faster and helps in keeping urinary tract healthy.Citric acid present in lemon helps to maximum function of enzymes.

Boost your immune system:

Lemon is high in vitamin C and potassium which helps to stimulate brain and nerve functions.It also control the blood pressure.Vitamin C is used as complementary support for asthama and other respiratory problems.Drinking lemon regularly will help to prevent acidity in the body and uric acid in the joints.Lemon has antimicrobial properties which helps to keep away from cold and flu.
Clear skin:
It has vitamin C and as well as antioxidants which helps to decrease wrinkles and blemishes on the skin.Vitamin is very important to maintain healthy skin.Lemon has some alkaline nature which helps to kill bacteria causes to acne.It can be applied on scars and spots to reduce their appearance.
Enhance your mood:
Human receive energy from molecules and atoms in the food.when positive charged ions enter the digestive tract it reacts with negative charged enzymes.Lemon is one of the best food that contain more negative charged ions and which helps in the digestive tract.It will gives energy to us when it enters the digestive tract.May you don’t believe this lemon has mood enhancing properties.The smell of lemon juice brighten your mood and active your mind.It also reduces anxiety and depression.
Healing & fresh breath:
It helps in healing of wounds quickly.Lemon have essential nutrients which helps in strengthening of bones and connective tissues.It relieves from tooth pain and inflammation of gums.Don’t do brush after having lemon water (or) juice because it may erode the tooth enamel.Better having lemon water after brush (or) wait for some time when you take lemon water before tooth brushing.
Weight loss:
Lemon contains pectin fiber,Which helps to control the hunger.some researches prove that having a more alkaline diet lose weight quickly.Start your day with warm lemon water it is very useful to your diet and lose your weight quickly.lemon water is beneficial for any body fat reducing diet.