Black spots on legs

Natural Cure for Scratches and Bruises on Legs

Black marks in some cases can be cured with the natural or home remedies as well. Rubbing the black marks with a piece of lemon is one such traditional remedy. This should be done after a bath and the lemon juice should be allowed to remain on the skin for 15 minutes. In the same way, using cucumber and potato pieces or curds can also be helpful. The natural remedies are free from any side effects ands they are cheap as well. Therefore, you can always try them first and if they do not work then you can consult a dermatologist, you can formulate an effective regime to remove black marks.


Step 2

Apply lemon juice to the dark spots on your legs. Just like buttermilk, lemon juice also contains a natural ingredient that can help bleach and remove the dark spots on your legs. Buy a bottle of lemon juice or squeeze the juice from a real lemon into a bowl. Dip a cotton ball into the bowl containing about 1/2 cup of lemon juice. Rub this onto the dark spots on your legs and let the lemon juice evaporate into your skin.

Step 3

Apply an over-the-counter cream to your dark spots. You can buy cream right in your pharmacy that can help remove the dark spots on your skin. Apply a cream that contains steroids, bleach or retinoids, according to the Mayo Clinic. Ask your doctor to give you a stronger treatment if these creams don’t work for you.

Step 4

Stay out of direct sunlight. One of the main reasons you get dark spots on your legs is exposure to the sun. Reduce your exposure to UV rays to remove those dark spots. If you have to be out in the sun wear long pants to cover up your dark spots and apply a sunscreen that contains an SPF of at least 30.

Step 5

Scrub a loofah on your legs to remove your dark spots. A loofah is like a sponge that can help scrub the dead skin off your legs. Buy a loofah that contains hard fibers to remove the top layer of your skin—the skin that contains the most melanin and makes your dark spots look the most severe. The more melanin and dead skin you remove, the less severe your dark spots appear.