Bleach burns

Bleach burns
are serious chemical burns that will result in severe pain and discomfort. Extreme bleach burns might even result in disfigurement, disability or death. Bleach burns are different from heat burns in so far as the method of burning is different; although no actual heat is generated, the burning sensation will definitely be felt. The level of severity of the burn depends on the concentration of chemical used. A few symptoms of bleach burns include pain, skin irritation, numbness, itching, bleached red or dark skin and blisters. Make sure to follow all the safety precautions on the back of the label and keep it out of the reach of children.
Tips To Heal Bleach Burns Quickly
The most important tip to avoid bleach burns is to always wear protective gloves. Here are a few tips to heal bleach burns quickly. Flush Skin The most important thing to do after you receive a bleach burn is to keep the burned area under cool running water. Continue this process for at least 20 minutes. If you feel increased pain after the first wash, then make sure you rewash the burned area.
Lemon and Tomato Juice This is one of the best home remedies for bleach burns as it removes the dead skin cells and allows the skin to rejuvenate. The scars left can be naturally lightened by the acidic properties of lemon. Tomato juice will be excellent to remove the burn marks after being freshly squeezed. Make sure you apply this mixture on your bleach burns twice a day to effectively remove the scars.
Lavender Oil An excellent treatment for bleach burns would be lavender essential oil, due to its antiseptic nature. It also helps in the reduction of pain and the promotion of rapid healing. If you apply lavender oil immediately to a burn, the burn will heal without leaving any visible scars or skin blemishes. If the bleach burns are larger or more severe in nature, lavender oil should be applied with cotton or gauze repeatedly.
Potato Peels Potato peels are a great way to soothe inflamed skin when suffering from bleach burns. They have numerous anti-bacterial properties that make them an excellent healing agent. Instead of dressing the burn in the conventional way, if the bleach burns are minimal, then bandage them or cover them with potato peels. Turmeric and Yogurt If you want to effectively heal and soothe bleach burns, then make a paste of barley, yogurt and turmeric. Apply this paste on the burned areas. This paste gives the patients pain relief and hastens the process of healing. Here are a few tips for healing bleach burns you can use at home.