Blocked arteries

There are many effective remedies and cures for blocked arteries. Following are some of the most beneficial cure that can help you clear the blocked arteries:Changes in lifestyle can help you clear your blocked arteries. By lifestyle change I mean, giving up oily, junk and processed foods.Regular physical exercises also help in treating blocked arteries.


Consuming garlic on a daily basis will help in clearing arteries, improving circulatory system and casting out toxic waste from the blood.Mince two to three cloves of garlic and put in a glass filled with orange juice. Consume the mixture for curing blocked arteries.Rutin is a compound found in various plants. This compound is beneficial for absorbing Vitamin C in the body, strengthening capillaries, hardening artery walls and treating blocked arteries


.Mixture of apple cider vinegar and garlic is also an effective cure for blocked arteries.Saturating lemon peel in water overnight and consume the mixture at least thrice a day for strengthening arteries and treating blocked arteries.


Honey is also useful for treating blocked arteries.You can try drinking a glass of carrot juice daily. This will help to improve blood circulation and will prevent blockage in the arteries.Combination of honey and lemon juice can also work wonders in treating blocked arteries.