Our herbal product BNS ALLENORM is based on ayurvedic science and has practiced the principles that have been brought into use since ages.

This content of well selected and tested  herbs helps in improving overall blood circulation as well as in maintaining uniform blood circulation throughout  the body.

The essential herbal extracts in it, keeps your skin pimple free and glowing. Other than this, Neem, a constituent in our herbal product has positive effect on circulatory system as well as veins.

Benefits of BNS Allenorm Purifier Capsules:

**Ensures the blood purity.

**Helps in digestion.

** Act as an powerful detoxifier.

** Support a normal immune system function.

**Act as an effective pimple fighter and skin tone enhancer.

Star Ingredients:


Which purifies the blood and keeps it free from almost every skin disease.


Keeps the skin toxin free.


Keeps the stomach clear.

Tulsi :

Which improves blood circulation and helps your skin shine.

RECOMMENDED DOSE 1 Cap twice a day before meals