Strawberry &Milk

Strawberry has anti ageing and anti oxidant properties. Strawberries are high in vitamin C

which plays a role in collagen production and helps in prevent pimples and blemishes, suitable for all

skin types

The benefits of strawberry as mentioned  are packed in the tenderness and moisture of

goats milk to give the ultra smoothing texture with goodness of strawberry powder to your skin



Red Apple & Honey

Apple properties can be used to lighten, brighten and soothe the skin owing to the high content

and elastic present in it. It has anti ageing benefits and helps in treatment of acne and dark spots,

suitable for all skin types



Lemongrass & Honey

Lemongrass is a anti bacterial anti fungal which helps in curing acne and pimple. It acts like a toner,

minimizes pores of skin and toning the tissues and muscles




Charcoal & Honey

Charcoal is the new skin saviour. It has ability to absorb into the pores of skin and draw out dirt and

oils that are blocking the pores. An excellent bathing soap with walnut powder helps in

curing itching caused by prolong accumulation of sweat



 Peppermint & Honey

Peppermint oil is  antiseptic and anti microbial thus helping in reducing skin irritation and flamation.

It helps in aiding  oil secretion therefore reducing acne. It leaves you with chilling and cool effect Its

Antiseptic properties is ideal for all skin type