Bns Beauty-Body Care 

Bns Beauty And Body Care


*Kaya creme :


(foundation based detaining and dark spots removal creme) for all skin types. Daily application should b at night with warm milk if skin is dry or with rose water if skin is oily. Also works best if applied before stepping out in sun.. Gives perfect even tone skin hence no need to wear makeup.



If skin is dry take a tea spoon of warm milk and mix the desired quantity of kaya creme and apply it over your face and neck with upward strokes and massage well until it is obsorbed completely. If skin is oily then take rose water instead of warm milk… Rest procedure will b the same..


Best if applied daily before sleep and kept overnight.


*Twacha nikhar:


Daily day creme for rose like pinkish and fresh glow..

Should apply with rose water and massage well.. Can also b used as facial massage creme for facial.

Suitable for all skin types.


Usage :

Wet your face with rose water and apply the desired quantity of the creme..massage well for 3-5 min and leave it.. Rinse off as and when needed.


*Face glow:


Daily day creme for fairness

Application and usage instructions are same as twacha nikhar, alike can also b used as facial creme for dry skin.



*Rose pack:


Is actually a best skin scrub. Helps in removing black and white heads and dead skin cells. The Rose granules present in it, gives u a clear soft skin with natural glow.



Mix rose water in the desired quantity of rose pack and make paste.. Now apply it over face and neck and massage gently in light circular motions with ur finger tips for 5 min and rinse off with cold water. Use it twice a week for best results.




*Mud pack :


Controls aging and wrinkles gives u an unbelievable freshness and removes toxins naturally.


Usage :

Mix rose water in the desired quantity and apply a thin layer upon face and neck, lrave it for 7min and rinse off with cold water. Use it once a week after steam for best results.




*Mint pack :


Controls pimples and enlargement of pores, gives u an hydrate skin.



Same as mud pack.



*Chocolate pack :


Prevents dryness and leaves naturally moisturized skin with baby like glow.


Usage :

Same as mud and mint pack.


*Rose water:


The purest one… best skin purification factor if used daily.


Usage :

Spray the desired amount of rose water daily thrice upon ur face and neck and wipe it off in the manner of massage, with a gentle pressure of cotton wool. Best if applied before wearing ur daily creme.


*Rose Toner:


A best toner for ur skin, made up of rose oil and rose water to keep ur skin young.. Best if used after cleansing.


Usage :

Same as rose water but to b done only once a day.



*Cleanser :


Excellent makeup and dust remover.



Apply the required quantity of cleanser upon ur face and neck and massage gently with finger tips for 5min, use few drops of rose water in between the massage and then rinse off with cold water. Best if used before sleep and once a day only.



*Steam pack :


Best natural herbs collected in it to give an excellent hydrated skin and herbal spa experience.


Usage :

Empty the content of a sachet in ur handy steam pot or into any vessel of steel with hot water. Now cover ur face and steam pot properly and enjoy its steam. Best if used once a week after some massage of ur suitable daily creme and gel if any.




*Bns Aloevera Gel:

An excellent herb itself to give u lots of skin and hair benefits… Good for removing dark patches and circles, excellent healer if applied upon wounds and burns as well as excellent hair mask for all kinds of hair and scalp problems.



Mix a pinch of turmeric and juice of a lemon in a teaspoon of Aloevera gel and massage gently daily once for 5min and leave it for next 5min and rinse off with cold water. This treatment is best for getting rid of dark patches and circles as well as pimple marks.


Mix a small cup of white vinegar and fenugreek paste in the desired quantity of Aloevera gel and apply all over ur scalp and hair length, leave it for half hour and rinse off with cold water for soft shiny dandruff free and strong hairs. Best if applied once a month.

Can also b mixed with henna for hair mask.




*Hair henna brown and black :


Pure henna with natural colours without ammonia or any other chemicals to give ur hairs a silky approach and natural colour.



Take the desired quantity of henna and soak it in coffee water in an iron vessel for overnight and apply it upon ur hairs length thoroughly, leave it for 2hours and rinse off with plain water. Pat ur hairs dry and give ur hairs a nice hot oil massage for 10-15min and shampoo it after an hour or next day for best results.

Can also use a Lemon juice and fenugreek paste for extra portion for ur hairs.


*Bns Hair care kit:

An amazing collection and combination of natural herbs for the best hair care treatment.

It contains a pack of hair oil and shampoo.


Usage :

Take handful of curry leaves and 100gm of fenugreek seeds, soak it in minimum amount of plain water for overnight. Blend the soaked items with the help of same water to make the paste.

Now heat that paste with a small cup of water in 500ml of coconut oil untill the water is completely evaporated now allow the oil to cool down and mix it in Bns oil with the juice of a lemon and two camphor (kaphoor)tablets and keep it under sunlight for a day.. Now the oil is ready for use with the gentle massage thrice a week.


Use Bns shampoo as and when needed and enjoy the best ever hair care treatment.



*Bns Moisturizer:

Some useful herbs which will help u in achieving the supple soft and moisturized skin every day.



Apply it as and when needed with some gentle massage. Suitable for whole body including face and lips.