BNS Brain Tonic 53

Contains 3 herbs
Nagarmotha: A detoxifying herb
Ayurvedic texts, while discussing the pathogenesis of disease, have repeatedly mentioned the word “ama” which, if briefly explained, can be called the toxic material produced in the body as a result of faulty digestion. The concept of “ama”, if properly explained to the experts of modern medicine and other health scientists, can really help in making a breakthrough in the treatment of many autoimmune disorders and other serious diseases. Nagarmotha is the herb which has been described in Ayurveda as the best ama-pachaka or corrective and remover of endo-toxins.
Saffron is a wonder spice that boosts memory and recall capacity and offers several other health benefits as well.

Laboratory assessments have demonstrated that saffron encourages memory retention, boosts the capacity to recollect and promotes learning. These benefits are attributed to Crocin, an element present in abundance in saffron.

With this research as its foundation, scientists are confident that saffron would be useful in the treatment of age linked mental impairment.

Some facts about saffron:

Saffron is actually the fragile red stigma (female component of a flower that entraps the pollen) of the flower crocus sativus.

Approximately, 80000 flowers, i.e. 240000 stigmas are required to manufacture ½ a kilogram of the spice.

Health benefits of saffron:

  1. Saffron helps check insomnia or sleeplessness. It helps regularize sleep patterns and alleviates disturbed or disrupted sleep, bringing about deep and restive sleep. It is exceedingly beneficial as a sleeping aid.
  2. Saffron helps decrease the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease considerably.
  3. Studies also say that saffron has the ability to ward off cancer. It has powerful anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties that prevent free radical damage. Clinical trials say that the spice is effective in managing ovarian cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer and leukemia. It successfully eliminates carcinogens from the body and perks up the defense mechanisms.
  4. Saffron manages cardiovascular disorders efficiently.
  5. The potent anti-oxidant properties of saffron help in the management of acute and chronic inflammatory conditions.


How to improve memory by taking honey?

Honey has tremendous healing properties and since times immemorial it has been found to cure tons of ailments. If you have recently started to forget things, or your are unable to recall things, you don’t know where did you put your keys, just forgot what did you eat this morning, unable to remember a phone No, or even the name of your mate at work etc, then most probably your memory has gone weak. There is nothing to worry about as most cases are not serious and can be treated easily. All you need is just take a few steps to get the job done. People’s experience and research shows that honey is a big booster for strengthening the weaker memory.

What is memory loss?

Memory loss is a certain degree of forgetfulness. It  is also called the inability to recall past events. It can be temporary, permanent, short term or long term. The inability to recall the past evens could relate to distant past, near past or recent events.  It is also referred to as amnesia which can be either total or partial memory loss.

Honey and Memory Loss

Mike McInnes of Isoactive in Edinburgh, U.K, who authored the Hibernation Diet, noted that dementia and cognitive conditions are associated with old age, but these may begin even in childhood. Mike further explains that this is due to poor quality sleep which may be caused by
To put it in more simple words, our brain needs energy when are asleep. When food sources are not available we experience what is called nocturnal fasting. When honey is consumed before going to bed, it acts a fuel source for the brain and helps in preserving memory.the lack of quality darkness and the lack of energy provision for the brain. In order to overcome this, just consume some honey before going to bed, according to Mike of Isoactive.


Reuters Health reported that a study was conducted in which 102 healthy women participated. The participants were asked to take 20 grams of honey, take hormone-replacement therapy or do nothing. After four months the researchers found that those who took honey or hormone pills had better memory.  They were able to recall one extra word out of the total fifteen words given to them as a short term memory test.

Dr. Zahiruddin Othman, University Sains, Kubang Kerian, Malaysia writes in the journal Menopause that immediate memory improvement can occur due to improvement in concentration and overall well being after taking honey. The study has also been published by PubMed.

Another study by Memory Improvement Central, the University of Waikato Hamilton, New Zealand concluded that the antioxidant properties in honey could prevent cell damage and loss due to old age.  The study also concluded that honey was beneficial to rats whose memory grew weaker due to aging.



Relieves brain fag and fatigue. To gain success in the efforts of life the role of a strong mind is far more important than that of a strong body. The worries and problems of the modern age have greatly increased the importance of a healthy and strong mind. Physicians of the past have suggested that some diseases are caused only due to the fact that proper attention was not paid to mental health. These diseases include headache, cerebral debility, dizziness, amnesia, mania or melancholia. The modern medical research has not only affirmed the truth of the theory formed by the physicians of the past but has also emphasized its importance. Action: In the modern age, the weakness of mind is a common complaint, the main reason thereof being that we provide food to the body for its nourishment but do not care for the nutrition of mind. As a result the mind gradually becomes weak. After having studied all kinds of mental weaknesses in detail, has drawn up the formula of for providing energy to mind. It is quick in producing the desired results.

  • The best Herbal Brain Tonic which improves nerves, brain functioning and memory.
  •  The ingredients provide energy to the mind and nerves, improve memory, relieve mental exhaustion and provide freshness to the mind.
  • It is the best tonic for the persons involved in the intellectual pursuits especially the students, journalists, lawyers and scholars. It refreshes the mind and sharpens the memory.
  • In the view of the challenges of the modern age the regular use has become inevitable so that the mind may perform its functions properly and stay in good health.


children below 10 yrs 5gm (1tsf) before breakfast with milk.

Adult 10gm (2tsf) before breakfast with milk.