It is very helpful in bringing down the high serum cholesterol level and correction of other high lipid levels such as LDL and VLDL & Triglycerides.

This capsules should be taken for at least six to 12 months time.

The normal serum cholesterol range is 120-240 mg/dl. The serum triglycerides normal range is 0 mgldl. HDL cholesterol normal range is 30-60 mgldl. The normal range for LDL Cholesterolis 130 mgldl.The VLDL Cholesterol rangeis 35 mgldl. The ratio between these levels is also of important consideration.

The high levels of cholesterol, TGs and VLDL indicate that all is not well in the body and the individual is prone for heart diseases, stroke, paralysis or cerebro vascular accident. So it is very necessary that these levels must be controlled, brought under normal range as soon as possible .

Person is at risk for high cholesterol levels who is overweight, Diabetic ,smokers and habitual of alcohol are prone to high cholesterol after forty years of age. They must get their lipid profile done every six monthly.

Dosage – one cap twice a day,morning & evening with plain water