The Advantages of Concentrated Mineral Drops as a Source of Dietary Minerals

Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) from BNS may be the world’s best mineral and trace mineral supplement.


This may be a bold statement, however, please consider these supporting facts:


Some people believe that man was created by a Supreme Being. Others believe in evolution.  Whether the human body was created by intelligent design or evolution, the fact that the fluids of the human body closely parallel the fluids of the earth, or the seas, is no coincidence. Numerous studies and comparisons are available showing that blood plasma and even amniotic fluid closely resemble seawater. In fact, in emergency situations, seawater has been successfully used in place of blood plasma during transfusions.


Because man was created, or evolved, from the elements of this earth, and the fluids of man’s body have a parallel mineral balance to the major fluids of the Earth, then there could be nothing more natural, safe, and compatible for restoring man’s mineral imbalances than supplements derived from seawater.

BNS Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) is derived from the natural, mineral-rich brine of Utah’s Great Salt Lake, which is an inland sea.

The oceans of the earth likely contain each of the 92 naturally occurring elements listed on the Periodic Table of Elements. In 1969 when the Andersons first began to harvest Great Salt Lake brine, researchers had reported 44 elements present in seawater. Since 1969 as analytical methods have improved, a total of 80 elements have been verified to be in seawater and the brine of Utah’s Great Salt Lake.

BNS believes that as analytical methods improve, every one of the 92 naturally occurring elements will eventually be discovered in seawater, as well as in the waters of the Great Salt Lake.

BNS CMD has been certified to be safe through numerous safety studies.

BNS CMD has also been clinically proven to be effective in reversing a variety of mineral deficiency symptoms, in some cases as a stand-alone product, and, in other cases, as an ingredient in more complex formulations.


 A limit beyond which further progress is impossible

Merging the best of nature with the latest technology in science to bring you the ultimate in mineral nutrition from Utah’s Great Salt Lake.

  1. Balanced Minerals

CMD?is a combination of 72 minerals and trace minerals needed for the health of both people and pets. It is similar to the fluid found in the human body and in ionic form that is easily recognized and highly absorbed by the body. CMD?helps balance the body’s pH level which is vital for maintaining good health.

  1. Most Concentrated

CMD is harvested from the deepest part of the Great Salt Lake, at Little Valley (where a deep channel was dug during the construction of the causeway in 1957-1959), making CMD? now the most concentrated minerals and trace minerals supplement in the world.

  1. Less Sodium, Less Iron

UMN ponds are huge. In fact they are the biggest ponds in the world to be utilized solely for the harvesting of minerals and trace minerals for human consumption. At a great investment, they were purposely constructed in such a way so as to have a large surface area, which will ensure the minerals are evaporated faster, leaving behind sodium and iron. In addition to the three large evaporation ponds, there are 11 smaller finishing ponds to ensure the same consistency in concentration with less sodium and iron during each year evaporation.

  1. Makes Water Tastes More Refreshing

Since the benefits of using CMD goes far beyond the liquid-trace minerals themselves, such as into the very ability of the concentrate to change the structure of all the water you drink, it is best to add them to all of the water or juice you consume during the day. Fortunately, the concentrate actually improves the taste of water, giving it a slightly sweet, mineralized, mountain-stream kind of flavor.

  1. It’s 100% Natural.

There is NO sugar, preservatives, fillers, artificial dyes. Just nature’s natural 72 trace minerals. CMD  helps the body absorb other supplements more effectively.