Detoxification is a normal process within the body as it neutralizes and eliminates toxins through the major organs.

Our bodies detox naturally everyday, but our self-cleaning system is overloaded by our unhealthy lifestyle choices and exposure to environmental toxins.

While our diet is in our hands what is not is pollution. Apart from environmental pollution we also ingest toxins through pesticide laden foodstuffs and drinks laced with extremely harmful metallic compounds.

It is vital that we provide our body some respite and much needed rest, which is where the importance of detox lies.

The importance of detox lies in the fact that it can do away with the toxins accumulated within the body that is beyond the reach of normal cleansing processes.

Detox diets may conjure up images of bland and tasteless diets or extreme starvation. However, you need not resort to any of these.

Bns brings for you the DETOX THERAPY which will help your body to detoxify..

Ingredients :

* Bns Panch Tulsi Drops – 5 drops
* Bns Noni drops – 5 drops
* Water 100 ml


* Mix 5 drops each of Bns Panch Tulsi Drops and Bns Noni drops in 100 ml warm water.

* Drink it twice a day.. Before breakfast and at bedtime.

Bns Panch tulsi drops

Tulsi – botanically known as Ocimum sanctum.

Holy basil has proven through thousands of years of applied use and recent research to offer a host of health benefits.

* Tulsi is known as the Queen Supreme of Adaptogens – helping you to relax when stressed and feel energized when fatigued.

* Like many green plants Holy Basil is alkaline forming – so much so it traditionally used when a person is fasting so the body doesn’t  become too acidic during the temporary cleansing process.

* It is a Powerful anti-oxidant. Protects the body  from free radical destruction and ROS (reactive oxygen species) which contribute to disease and aging.

* It strengthens and balances the immune system to prevent infections but also reduce adverse immune reactions like asthma.

* It reduces chronic inflamation that is involved in many degenerative diseases including cancer and arthritis.  It to help inhibit COX-2 (inflammatory enzyme). Anti-inflamtories  usually help stabilize blood sugars and thus help weight control.

Religious, Spiritual and Other Benefits:

* Tulsi opens the heart and mind and nourishes the brain for experiences of meditation and enlightenment.

* It is said to balance the energetic system – with particular nourishment to the third eye chakra.

* Tulsi plants are known to purify the air and ward off mosquitoes.

Benefits Backed By Scientific Research

* Tulsi can also help normalize blood sugar levels, which is great news for diabetics with type II diabetes.

* Tulsi is extremely good for heart health and has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels.

* It can protect lungs from infection and colds.

* Tulsi Is Great For The Skin, Hair, and Nails Too! This extremely versatile herb has been long regarded as an amazing beauty treatment. It can treat skin issues such as eczema, acne, and pimples. Apparently it can also lighten scars and other marks. Rubbing finely powdered dry tulsi leaves into your skin can also help you achieve a healthy glow.


It is made from the fruit of the noni tree: Morinda citrifolia.

It has been used by the Polynesians as an herbal medicine for at least 2,000 years.

* Noni drops are used to treat infection, allergies, autoimmune diseases, cancer, arthritis, type II diabetes, migraine headaches, back pain, seizures, food allergies, acne, eczema, bronchitis, asthma, depression, sleep disorders, leaky bowl syndrome and inflammation.

* It can also decrease the severity of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation; speed healing after surgery; stabilize the rhythm of the heart; normalize blood pressure and cholesterol; reduce the frequency that one has to get up at night to pee; ease the process of cleansing the body of caffeine, nicotine and morphine; and promote nerve regeneration.

* It can also decrease colonic inflammation; improve digestion and assimilation; increase cell regeneration; ease the pain of menopause; and treat issues related to the prostate.

* Noni drops increases the capacity of the body’s organs do their jobs and the immune system functions better. Having Noni drops is not only a good way to treat disease but to prevent it!

* Noni drops is especially good for people over 45. Noni provides proxeronine, a vital and essential nutrient that is disappearing from our foods due to chemical agriculture. Noni has a very high energetic quality.