An herbal facial steam treats all skin types by opening the pores, allowing the herbs’ special properties to treat oily, dry or mature skin. Many of the recommended herbs treat more than one type of skin, so this is ideal for people with combination skin.


Boil 1/2 liter water in  steel pot or vaporizer  and when it starts boiling  remove it from fire and  Simmer a generous fresh  dried herbs 2 gm  for about three minutes.Cover your face and pot with towel and take steam for 5-7 minutes according to your comfort.  

To unclog and decongest the skin use BNS Herbal  Steam Pack   at least once  per week for 1 month. Thereafter use as needed for maintaining a vibrant, toned complexion. This  will achieve wonders for deeply congested, impure skin, acne, oily, large pores and dehydrated skin. 

Key Ingredients: Organic herbs of Calendula; Lavender; Chamomile; Rose;  Peppermint; Caraway Seed; Anise Seed; Fennel Seed; Essential Oil Synergy including Lavender and Geranium.


Oily Skin

Oily skin normally results in overactive oil gland production, common in teens and some adults. Facial steams for oily skin typically include herbs credited with addressing excess oil production as well as soothing inflamed or acne-ridden skin. Consider using a BNS facial steam at least once a week to slow oil production and unclog pores. 

Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, an herbal facial steam may help stimulate oil production while increasing circulation and removing impurities. To prevent over-drying, don’t steam your face for more than five minutes, and use the treatment no more than once a week. People suffering from dry skin typically have under-active oil production.

Mature Skin

Many of the herbs used for the dry skin herbal facial work well for mature skin because the related issue involves the under-production of sebum, which slows as we age. Do not use BNS facial steam for more than five minutes or more often than once a week.