Bns History

History of BNS Mission Healing


Dear everyone ….

On third Sherullah-il-Moazzam we, successfully completed one year of “Mission Healing” as per the misri calendar..
Thus on this special occasion Here I’m sharing
                                                       “The History Of BNS”



One day sir shared his dream with me, that he want to provide home remedies to everyone and invited me to join his dream, as I found it very interesting and unique idea of kind service towards humanity, hence I accepted the proposal immediately…




Sir formed 2 groups on whatsapp, the date was, 3rd Sherullah-il-Moazzam, and all were asked to share their health related queries.

We noticed so many questions as well as general messages coming up, which was getting difficult to manage. Hence an idea of management developed in my thoughts and I prepared the rule guide.

Sir liked it and we shared the rule guide in the groups everything certainly became systematic and sir declared me as Manager.




On 16 th of Sherullah-il-Moazzam we got the Razaa and Dua Mubarak from Hazrat-e-Aaliyah and believe me, there was no words to express the happiness..

The Raza Mubarak gave a sudden boost to dedicate ourselves in this kind service…

Now to start with .. There was the requirement of a perfect team, to which sir helped me with some of his contacts namely :
Mr. Yusuf ghadiyali through whom Mrs. Tasneem yusuf Ghadiyali joined us later,
Mr. Mohammed sodawala,
Mrs. Nisrin Tezabwala

Mrs. Munira kagalwala  and
Mr. Shk. Yusuf badri.

Mr. Shk. Yusuf badri, a dynamic personality In himself, formed 5 Africa groups on the very second day after he joined in….. So in a week we had 3 India groups and 5 Africa groups with a total of 200 healers..

Then we started this Mission together. I entrusted several  responsibilities on everyone and on myself too..

Before we used to give full answers (not links)..
On Wednesday i used to prepare a list of all the questions asked, and post in group so that all can check, if any of their questions are left and can inform me.

Then answers were prepared by sir and I used to do numbering, spacing and post the answers on Thursday.

As per the rules, every Saturday was declared as Add Request Day, and according to it, the add request received till evening were precisely handled by making new groups under the management of Mission Healing.
And here sir and myself were supposed to be added as a compulsion in the new groups, in order to monitor them.

A separate group was formed where all admins were added, so that a friendly relationship could go hand in hand along with the work, as I believe, the more friendly we are among, the more efficiently and easily we can work together..

Week by week, groups started increasing..
We reached 30 India groups and 6 Africa groups..
Sometimes when admins used to forget.. Sir and myself used to post the messages till late night in those groups, and as said above, those days even answers we posted completely (not links), hence, due to this, sir and I started observing hung in our handset.

Thus here, I decided to enhance the management and accordingly, we left all the healers group and formed a central administration group.

We made the admin group as central administration group, and decided to give posts to admins in that group from where, they can post in their groups and report us..

Every Saturday/Sunday along with the add request procedures, I was also taking meeting of admins, in order to train them  as well as to solve their doubts and queries.

Mrs. Munira Kagalwala, a dedicated lady, came forward here, to take care of add request procedures of Saturday and Sunday, as she realized the burden upon me. So she was declared as co-manager of BNS Mission Healing and was entrusted with the add request department.

The work load was still there upon me, which was realized by another, of the very dedicated and talented lady, Mrs. Tasneem Yusuf Ghadiyali…she came forward with a helping hand and was declared as another co-manager.

Quitting the groups was a emotional moment for us.. As we developed a bonding with healers.. But I had to take this decision for systematic management as well as in regards of encouraging the admins, with our confidence upon them, that they can handle the groups even alone without me and sir.

Few months later,

Dr. Mrs  Fatema Mandviwala from Karachi Pakistan

joined BNS Mission Healing as assistant doctor to Dr. Idris sir.
I must say a very excellent and talented personality stepped in..
She still devotes her day and night along with sir in giving her marvelous knowledge, regarding home remedies and therapies..

Posting complete answers in groups, later started troubling  even our healers, with the hangs of their handset… Thus, looking into the matter, we launched BNS website, where we update all the remedies and give only links of answers in groups. Also we started free mail subscription service for healers, subscribing to which our healers are satisfied enough, as now no need for them to save our useful health post on whtsapp, but they r getting free emails of our every updates on website, as well as, browsing to our website they can easily approach any post, as per their wish.

Mr. Mohammad sodawala came forward here to take care of technical responsibilities and was declared as Technical Manager.. And in order to help him, Mrs. Rashida bharuchwala came forward, with great efforts and support, and was declared  as assistant technical manager…

Very soon our post started enhancing. We started Positive Thinking Article and Ruhani Nuskha post and also became particular about accuracy and efficiency..

Mrs. Lamya and Mrs. Zahabiya came forward for the responsiblity of Positive Thinking Article. Later Mrs. Rashida johar joinned us and was entrusted with the responsiblity of Ruhani Nuskha post.

Groups were increasing rapidly as we were receiving huge number of add request, and here in order to make our co-manager Mrs. Munira , burden free, two Assistant Managers were provided to her,
Mrs. Asma and
Mrs. Amtuzzahra.

Alongwith the increasing groups, number of admins also started increasing, as a result now there was two central administration groups.

Giving post in two administration groups was not the issue, problem arise when I was taking the meeting of two groups together…here again I decided to enhance the management.

Mrs. Mariam Hasan Deesawala came forward here with an excellent idea of HRO formation.We encouraged her idea and I further elaborated the idea with, that now we will control only HRO members and each HRO will control maximum 5 admins and their groups.

Mrs. Mariam hasan deesawala was declared as HRO manager, very deserving no doubt..

In the absence of any HRO I didn’t want, the groups should suffer, so appointed HRO senior head to take care of the absence of HRO’s…
Mrs. Nisreen tezabwala was declared here the HRO Director, a gem personality, and under her three
HRO heads were declared, namely :
Mrs. Lubehna Bata,
Mrs. Tasneem madraswala and
Mrs. Tasneem huzaifa.

I appointed, some more assistant managers and allotted them with the day wise duty of postings.

Post are still prepared and given by Dr. Idris Modi, Dr. Fatema and sometimes even by me..
After receiving post from the respected doctors, I do the necessary editions and then it is given to the assistant managers,to get them post, among HRO members and also save it with them.
HRO members then forward the post to their admins and from admins our healers receive the post in their respective groups.

So this way things became systemic and we have the posts saved with the respective assistant managers too..




When we started Mission Healing, we started with just Question/answers, Therapy, Healers posts and Add requests activity..

Later when Mission Healing began to rise, we also started Positive thinking articles, Herb of the week, Ruhani nuskha post, Bns formula And Product of the week..



In the month of Moharram, keeping in mind, the kalaam Mubarak of His Holiness, Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Saheb (TUS), in regards of, to be alert and avoid haram ingredients in our day to day life, Bns Mission Healing launched
“BNS halal Centre”
where in all the halal medicine and products are available.

We started with 5 products, and right now we have 95 products..




As soon as BNS Halal Centre was launched, healers and non healers came forward to use our products and gave us their positive feedback.

One among them I would like to share with u all..

1. Mrs. Mariam hasan deesawala once shared her experience with us about a child who was not able to walk.. And with the help of sir, she provided medicine to that child..

His mother did araz in Hazrat-e-Aaliya and His Holiness, gave permission to follow the medicine given by sir..

The child soon started walking.. The happiness of mother knew no bounds.. She gave so much of blessings  to Mrs. Mariam deesawala , Dr. Idris sir and whole BNS team.

2. One more experience… A person in Iraq (karbala) has mouth cancer.. One of our healer suggested him to contact Dr. Idris sir for treatment.. He did araz in Hazrat-e-Aaliyah as well, whether to go for chemotherapy or treatment of Dr. Idris sir, and Raza mubarak came for the treatment of Dr. Idris sir.

Its indeed a greatest achievement… His Holiness  giving Raza mubarak for the  treatment from sir…




We started from 1 and within a year reached to 100 groups …

On completion of 100 groups, we stopped add request procedure…

No new groups now, but we r indeed planning now for a social site ..

We have groups and healers from all over the world.. India, UAE, Kuwait, America, Africa, London etc etc ..

In this one year, many things happened.. Many healers left groups.. Many are connected with us through website..

Every Sunday sir, I as well as entire BNS team, wait eagerly for the valuable feedback..

And yes we do receive many feedback which always motivates us to do more and more..

We always keep thinking what new can be done in this service..

BNS App was launched with help of Mr. Husain lemonwala.. It was also a great success of Mission.

Group meetings were conducted and many doubts of healers were cleared..

As a result a completely satisfying kind service BNS Mission Healing is rising and rising …






1. Mrs. Munira Husain Kagalwala.
2. Mrs. Tasneem yusuf ghadiyali.




Mrs. Mariam Hasan Deesawala




Mr. Mohammad Sodawala




1. Mrs. Munira Hardwarewala
2. Mrs. Asma Palanpurwala
3. Mrs. Lubainah Bata (HRO HEAD)
4. Mrs. Lulua Jawadwala
5. Mrs. Zainab Burhani
6. Mrs. Insiya




Mrs. Nisrin Tezabwala



1. Mrs. Tasneem huzaifa
2. Mrs. Tasneem madraswala


HRO Members

1. Mr. Adnan baugwala 2. Mrs. Mariyah modi 3. Mrs. Arwa M. Yusuf 4. Mrs. Farida jetaji 5. Mrs. Fatema topiwala 6. Ms. Fatema sabuwala 7. Mrs. Alefiya bharmal 8. Mrs. Munira rangoonwala 9. Mrs. Nisrin dawasaz 10. Mrs. Nisrin shk. Abdemustansir 11. Mrs. Rashida badri 12. Mrs. Tasneem juzar 13. Mrs. Tasneem mohsin 14. Mrs. Zainab ajemerwala 15. Mrs. Zainab qaizar 16. Mrs. Zehra beawarwala



1. Mrs. Tasneem calcuttawala 2. Mrs. Tasneem vohra 3. Mrs. Sarah 4. Mrs. Ummekulsum jabalpurwala 5. Mrs. Zainab raja 6. Mrs. Sakina raswala 7. Mrs. Tasneem huzaifa ghadiyali 8. Mrs. Fatema 9. Mrs. Rashida mithaiwala 10. Mrs. Munira johar 11. Mrs. Rashida kutub 12. Mrs. Arwa buxa 13. Mrs. Farida Aliasgar calcuttawala 16. Mr. Murtaza dama 17. Mrs. Tasneem 18. Mrs. Tasneem hannan 19. Mrs. Fatema rampurawala 20. Mrs. Farida 21. Mrs. Munira 22. Mr. Juzar 23. Mrs. Mariya 24. Mrs. Alefiya juzer sunelwala 25. Mr. Husain khandwawala 26. Mrs. Fatema husain ujjainwala 27. Mrs. Tasneem aliasgar unwala 28. Mrs. Zainab bhatia 29. Mrs. Rashida ajmerwala 30. Mrs. Sakina tinwala 31. Ms. Zainab shuberi 32. Mrs. Nafisa khatriya 33. Mr. Juzar kolhapur 34. Mrs. Rashida badami 35. Mrs. Fatema laila 36. Mrs. Sarah raj kolkatta 37. Mrs. Mubina Ali bhopali 38. Mrs. Zainab ujjainwala 39. Mrs. Zainab 40. Mrs. Fatema 41. Ms. Zainab modi 42. Mr. Huzefa 43. Mr. Husain kagalwala 44. Mr. Saifuddin jinia 45. Mrs. Zainab limdiwala 46. Mrs. Husaina kalla 47. Mrs. Farida qaizar 48. Mrs. Rashida sharaf 49. Mrs. Fatema sasta 50. Mrs. Arwa 51. Mr. Huzaifa 52. Mrs. Zainab 53. Mrs. Tasneem lokhandwala 54. Mr. Aliasgar deghamwala 55. Mrs. Batul jamaly 56. Mrs. Fatema tus sugra 57. Mrs. Tasneem 58. Mrs. Alefiya akil 59. Mrs. Farida 60. Mrs. Fatema murtaza sunelwala 61. Mrs. Arwa unwala 62. Mrs. Shakera mithaiwala 63. Mrs. Duraiya m.p wala 64. Mrs. Arwa 65. Mrs. Khadija modi 66. Mrs. Tasneem 67. Mrs. Tasneem murtaza




Mr. Shk. Yusuf badri was the first to leave the BNS, because of  his tight schedule..

He gave his best in BNS… His groups were reformed with new admins.

Then Mrs. Rashida bharuchwala decided to quit due to some personal reasons.. She had 6 groups of her own which were reformed too..

Even Mrs. Rashida johar, incharge of ruhani nuskha post, left BNS due to personal reasons.. I am taking care of ruhani nuskha post now…

Mrs. Zahabiya who was incharge for positive thinking post left bns too..So now Mrs. Lamya takes care of the positive thinking post alone.

Mrs. Amtuzahra did her job really well.. But she also had to leave due to personal reasons.. So her groups were reformed. And Mrs. Munira hardwarewala was appointed as assistant manager for add request to assist munira ben the co-manager.

Dr. Yusuf Vohra joined us.. He has problem of sight.. Still he joined us as admin then became hro.. He put in all his efforts in BNS, but had to leave because of his tight schedule, but still he helps silently…

These were the shining stars who left Bns Mission Healing at high posts.. They did their best, upto whatever extent they could do…

There are many others who left too..

All those who have left BNS are still with us as healers.




I didn’t form any personal group as I am the manager and  responsible for all the Mission Healing groups and management.
So I gave all my personal contacts to admins and they are added in separate groups..

Before only my personal contacts knew me as Rashida Qasim Ali, a fashion designer.. But when I stepped in Mission Healing, and sir made me manager, I am now known all over the world in all the healers group as Manager of BNS.

Though I don’t have personal groups.. I frequently receive queries related to health from healers, and when I provide them with the solutions, they appreciate so much and give so many blessings..

In this one year so far many things happened.. So many issues sorted. So many new plans and ideas launched.. Many decisions and meetings taken for systematic management.. As well as so many blessings received, which gives the happiness and satisfaction, that cannot be measured…

The experience is so fantastic.. It cannot be summed up with a pen and book… But in short if I could say.. This kind service which I am doing since one year, the happiness I have felt in this, have never felt before, the happiness just can’t be expressed in words.

And the credit goes to our Dr Idris sir..

His willingness of kind service has served many lives, with the meaning of life as well as healed many lives naturally …

This  all became possible only with the Dua and Raza Mubarak of
Al Hayyul Muqaddas Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb RA

May Thy soul rest in peace…


Syedna Aaliqadar Mufaddal Saifuddin Saheb TUS

May thy live a long healthy and prosperous life forever…

May we continue to do this service life long and take it to the peak of success…

Aameen …

Dr.Rashida Rasheed
Mission Healing.