Energy Boost
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Get an instant boost of natural energy with this potent herbal blend

Made by appropriate combination of those special medicinal elements which are mentioned in Ayurveda ancient scripts and boosts the strength and power of the body. It makes the muscles swift, energetic and strong and helps to get rid of tiredness, weakness and laziness

  • Feel more alert – with natural herbs
  • Have more energy – and enhance athletic performance
  • Reduce fatigue – and increase physical stamina
  • Ease the effects of stress on your body
  • Achieve your ideal weight – by enhancing your metabolism

Improve malt is an excellent product recommended for pregnant ladies and lactating mothers. It gives them energy and essential nutrients for the growth of baby inside the uterus as well as when they are nursing the child. It is also found to be a very good product for old people who feel weak and tired. It helps to give them strength and increase their ability to work better. They feel more energized and young after taking this product. Improve Malt helps to boost up their energy level and provides them extra strength to regain the normal functioning of the body parts. Improve  Malt provides strength to the extremities and other muscles of the body so that they can perform their function in harmony with each other.

contain extracts like ashwagandha, bramhi, shatavari, shankhapushpi and jatamansi


Improve Malt works very well in persons with low red blood cell count or anemic persons. It helps to increase the red blood cell count by providing the essential nutrients as well as provide muscle strength. Some persons become weak and lethargic due to lack of appetite. Improve Malt helps to increase the appetite.

Improve Malt helps to increase the retention power and concentration power in children. It not only provides energy but also helps in giving strength to the muscles. It is recommended for children with stunted growth. It helps to make the muscles strong and also increase the appetite in children. Children who are undernourished and feel weak can take Improve Malt to increase their stamina and energy.

Improve Malt is prepared from all the natural products and is an excellent product that has shown very good results in promoting the strength and nourishing the body tissues and cells. Regular intake of Improve Malt helps in increasing the muscle strength and gives more energy to work. It should be regularly taken to get more energy and strength. Improve Malt helps to make the muscles strong so that your body can work for a longer time.


 5 gm twice a day with milk . After breakfast and at bed time