BNS Joshanda (Herbal Tea)

Joshanda (Herbal Tea)

BNS Joshanda (Herbal Tea)

  •  Munuqa (dried black grapes)
  •  Khatmi seeds (Althea officinalis)
  • Sapistan, a dried fruit (Cordia latifolia)
  • Mulethi, a dried root/rhizome, (Glycyrrhiza glabra)
  •  Khubbazi seeds, (Malva rotundifolia)
  • Gaozaban leaves/bark (Onosma bracteatum)
  •  Banafsha flowers, (Viola odorata)
  •  Unnab, a dried fruit, (Zizyphus jujuba)

  • BNS Joshanda is a herbal remedy to combat colds and flu.
  • It comes from an ancient medicinal recipe
  • It is indicated for the relief of cold and flu symptoms such as scratchy throat, cough , stuffy and running nose and etc.
Joshanda is a herbal tea used to combat the effects of the common cold and influenza. It is used used to both alleviate the symptoms and fight bacterial infection.


The batch of herbal tea should provide for 6 servings to be be drunk over 2 days (3 servings a day)

  • Gently Boil all ingredients in 1 litre  water for 20 minutes in a saucepan with the lid closed
  • Pour out 1 cup serving for use, and pour 1 cup of replacement fresh water into the saucepan
  • Gently reboil for 20 minutes for next serving
  • Repeat for 4 additional servings