When the liver lives up to its responsibility of removing toxins from the blood, shouldn’t we take on the bonus to treat it well too?
BNS LIVONORM with their unique, all-natural, complex multi-herb formulations ensure optimum liver function by virtue of its anti hepato toxic activity and help protect the liver against harmful toxins from the drugs, alcohol, food and water. Developed on the principles of the herbal system of medicine, the formulations are clinically tested for their efficacy in hepatitis of various origins and other liver disorders.
Helps treat liver diseases
Promotes appetite & digestion
research based & clinically proven
Naturally derived with no side effect
Some of the key ingredient that make BNS Livonorm active are
Revand Chini(Indian Rhubarb) revend Chini Improves Liver funtion by various ways. It act as liver tonic and increases production of bile in liver, it reduces weight and fat.
Biranjasif- Biranjasif subsides the inflammation and increases the gastric juice, also reduces fevers. Stimulates digestion and liver funtions.
Arjuna-Arjuna improves cardio muscle function and can be effective for angina, coronary, and artery diseases if used over a period of time Sharpunkha(Purple Tephrosia) specifically for treating diseases of liver and spleen. It is used in treatment of liver diseases like hepatitis, cirrhosis from ancient time.
RECOMMENDED DOSE: 1 Capsule Twice daily with Water Before Meals.