Migraine headache is a result of specific changes within the brain. It causes severe head pain that is often accompanied by sensitivity to light, sound, or smells. Common symptoms include:
Sensitivity to light or sound
Severe pain, usually on one side of the head
BNS MIGRANE MALT  is a formula with time tested Ayurvedic herbs to help control migraine pain.
– Godanti Bhasma is considered to have analgesic properties, thus helping to control headaches.
– Dhania  is considered to have anti-inflammatory properties – Sandal  is considered to have antacid properties. Hyperacidity may sometimes cause migraine.
– Brahmi is known as nootropic herb i.e. it is considered to increase the functioning of the brain.
It  helps to reduce the anxiety caused due to stress
BNS MIGRANE MALT   help control the frequency of migraine attack..
It May help control the pain intensity & duration of migraine.Results will be seen in 7 days.
DOSE – 1 tsf 5gm morning before breakfast and 1tsf 5gm at night before dinner