Tasneem fakhruddin:
Noni drops feedback…..
Have been prescribed to my healers for other problems….. But as an additional treatment cured their PCOS problem….
Have a migraine problem since the past 20 yrs…. In spite of all treatments used to last minimum 2 days….. This time took 1 dose of Noni before breakfast and it was gone…..
Bns Neem tulsi soap is better than even dove for skin problems like eczema……
Bns shampoo has excellent results for extreme hairfall…..
A combination of Flaxseed and calcical has helped a couple of my healers get a good night’s sleep after many sleepless nights….
Thank you BNS
 Ys bns shampoo has excellent result  for hairfall…
Rashida Badami:
Feedback of respicare nd detox kit
My husband has sinus asthama problem since years and has to take rota inhaler regularly specially in winter season. But by taking respicare and detox kit alhamdolillah whole season he didn’t have any  problem.
Detox kit feedback
I have given detox to one of my healer for severe acidity problem. From past two months his acidity problem has totally gone.
Flaxseed feedback
Flaxseed softgel is a product most of my customers and also my husband is using regularly.
It heals in knee problem and keeps energetic all day long.
Haldi chandan soap v use since i took hcentre dealership. And believe me we have not used any other commercial soap.
Antidandruff shampoo.
This is again one excellent product from bns. Two three customers are using past rwo years. Including my own daughter. I have tried  so many other products for dandruff also consulted skin specialist used medicinal  shampoos and oil. But no use. Only bns antidandruff shampoo keeps her hair dandruff controlled.
Bns aloe footcare gives excellent result for foot cracks.
Isotyne drops is best for any kind of eye infection like burning redness itching and we use it regularly.
One of my customer middle aged lady had shoulder and body pain problem and she needed vitamin tabs. Dr rashida ben had prescribed her calcium and spirulina and shes feeling fit and fine in just one and half month.
Bns lipcare kalonji fairness cream cleanser, rose water, kaya cream, last but not the least BNS HONEY are all bns product we are using regularly.
In short bns has all the daily needs products and medicines with excellent result.
Thank u  Sir rashida ben and  whole BNS team😊💐💐💐
 Sir profile update thatuj nai from 4 days I m trying I fill half the details n again the site close every time this happens
N in state n city options not cm I HV to wait for long tm
 Rashida Rampurawala:
hello the feedback of brain tonic my daughter is having from 5 month and i have seen a lot of changes in the health  and one of my customer is also having from past 4 month and she has also got improve in her study                                         iam using neem tulsi soap it is very nice soap i got itching problem that has slove by using this soap         my daughter is using bns protien shampoo  and i got very good result her hair problem has solve and detox kit is awesome  after using detox kit i myself fee so nice before i feel very tiered and lazy type dont like to do any work but after using detox kit alhamdolliah  i feel very better  thanks to sir ,rashidaben and bns iam proud to be a part of bns 💐
and yes i forget to tell about bns rahat oil it is too good iam using for my leg pain i got so much relief
Sakina Nawab:
From the time amina mhndi pckts r launched,  i have experienced much diffrnc in henna for both black n brown cstmrs r happier n satisfied with its color..
▪Mud pack: whoever has taken this product from me,  alwz has appreciated this. As its a v unique prdct n its cooling effct is v soothing fr oily skin spcly in summers.
▪Aloe vera gel:
I myslf use this product n i love the softness it gives to the skin.
▪Acne kit: one of my Cstmrs had so much prblm of acne, dat her fc was full of pimpls n no medicine worked fr her. She z using bns acne kit frm last few mnths n is v hppy wd its reslts.her acne is in control now.
▪Other products that i hv used n felt really good is rose face wash(i use it as scrub)
Rose water,  face glow,  kalonji fairnss cream,  HC soap, hair oil.
I hv received good feedbcks of :
 ▪lip balm,
 ▪Kalonji pimpl crm,
 ▪mint fc wash
 ▪Haldi chndn fcpk
🙏🏻Thankful to Bns for such useful products n medicines.
Zainab Burhani:
# Bns global soaps (Global)
All very nice
Not only for face n whole body but my customers uses for head bath too.
# Bns Rahat oil (Global)
This oil is very useful for any type of pain n also for other prob.
# Bns pain vati (Hcentre)
Relief from pain
Customers feel very useful
Bns Alovera gel (hcentre)
Give very nice result
For dark circle
N even heal any cuts or burn.
N many other products like
Bns Hair oil
Bns honey
Bns face wash (lemon n aloever)
Honey cough syp
R going excellent
R in demand👍💐💐
*Fatema ginnwala*
I have joined BNS before few weeks n very happy wth products , therapies
N remedies..And within few weeks hv gud clients n business..
🍃BNS SHAMPOO: one of my friend had a lot hair fall she started using BNS SHAMPOO..n realsly happy wth d results she ordered bigger bottle..In advance now she doesn’t want to change it..
💆🏻BNS OIL: Few clients of mine r really happy wth it’s results..N thy were using all branded oils but after trying BNS oil dey r  more happy wth it’s results ..
🍂BNS HEENA: Both brawn n black heena r very effective ..Ppl who were using colours n different die for grey hair ,r using BNS HEENA..It’s a gud conditioners☘ as well
😁BNS TOOTHPASTE: it’s giving gud results for entire family’s oral health..
🌱ENZEMA CREAM: One lil girl age 4 years had b big problem of ENZEMA her mother is applying her regularly n satisfied wth d change in her daughter..
😇BRAIN TONIC 53: Tremendous change in users thy r Happy n satisfied now thy r regularly using it..
💧ISOTINE EYE DROPS: Big relaxation for  eyes.
TRIPHALA TABS: my mother had few issues she is happy now wth TRIPHALA TABS
✌🏻DETOX THERAPY KIT:Drs advised my few clients detox kit..Thy r happy wth gud effects of detox therapy kit…
 Really very Effective..
🙏🏻THANK YOU!! BNS team for always b there n helping us..🙏🏻
[12/03 11:51] Nafisa Mustan Admin 50: Yes👍🏻 bns products excellent