[06/03 9:47 AM] Sakina Nawaab Dealer Udaipur: Cc avenue is vry convenient.
Instant trnsfr n order plcmt. Easy too.
[06/03 9:51 AM] ‪+91 87693 06852‬: Hiii fatema
Bns Weight gain kit is very effective….i gain 8 kgs in 20days…thanks for introducing me to bns products…..

Customer’s reply after using weight gain kit..👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
[06/03 10:01 AM] Sakina Nawaab Dealer Udaipur: For painvati:
It is good. It makes feel bttr..
But the only prblm is while taking the medicn.
its vry big in size…vry tough to gulp in one go.
[06/03 10:03 AM] Dealer. Farida Bhabi Jetaji: Bns Aloevera foot cream
Have been regularly  using since 6 months me n my daughter

Feet remains  soft
[06/03 10:04 AM] Dr murtaza Marol: Pain vati pain go ointment  excellent results.
Arex and cough malt very effective for chronic respiratory problems .Infective rhinitis & tonsilitis laryngitis too cured 👍🏻⭐♦
Isotone drops cured eye burning conjunctivitis  Stress in eye..
Wheat grass Ashwagandha  good

Sx drops worked for mind tranquility and power 1 month use in a 50 year old male

Bt 53 worked well for depression increased focus and Enhanced  Memory… in majority cases also released constipation and worm sensations of itching ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦My Best Wishes to Dr Sk Idrees Bhai & BNS team
[06/03 10:04 AM] Dealer. Farida Bhabi Jetaji: Debit card  payment system is  instant n placing yr order had bcme easy n convenient
[06/03 10:26 AM] Sakina Ben: Bns choclate face wash is excellect..i myself feel difference in skin…also i suggest to many customers n dey r also happy with d results
[06/03 10:32 AM] Jumana vapi: American soap is excellent after using it skin became very soft and glowing
[06/03 10:39 AM] Jumana vapi: Aloevera gel is excellent!! My friend’s full hand was burnt but as she started using aloevera gel, the marks from her hand removed in a week only.
[06/03 10:51 AM] Husaina Daman: BT 53 has amazing results ,taste wise also nice
Bns marks clear cream is amazing
It has cleared my marks
[06/03 10:51 AM] ‪+91 88663 62526‬: I had a sun burn and had used aloe Vera gel and it cured it completely, no itching and no marks left. Also I am using cucumber gel for under eye circles and just in 3 days use the results are superb. Thank you Bns.
[06/03 10:59 AM] ‪+91 87548 70351‬: Till now
Bns flax seeds…
Brain tonic
Honey gold
Wheat grass tab..
Feminol forte…
All has proved to b excellence in work…
Specially feminol…
The girl was having severe pain
mensus…and she was v happy with the results..
[06/03 11:00 AM] ‪+91 88663 62526‬: I am very happy with payment too.. I am using net banking through ccavenune and its faster.
[06/03 11:33 AM] ‪+971 50 576 1142‬: Mai use bns oil  protin.shampoo hairfall gana kaam Thai
[06/03 11:34 AM] Mariyum ahmd: I have used.Brown Mhndi..nd the result is superb…👍🏼
I got my black hair silky n shiny brown..

[06/03 12:42 PM] ‪+91 99312 00797‬: I had severe arthritis pain .started taking painvati tab n orthocare drops from last 10 days .feeling much better.only thing is the painvati is too big …

[06/03 12:43 PM] ‪+91 99312 00797‬: By using hair care kit n protein shampoo hair fall has stopped and hair has become soft

[06/03 12:57 PM] ‪+91 99298 82499‬: Protein shampoo-hair became softer than before
Hair oil-best reasults found
Painvati-knee pain gayab thai gayu but size is bug diffucult to gulp down
Noni drps n maxyme-best fr acidity
Foot cream-feets softer than ever
Moisturizer-love the smell n skin bcomes softr
Kids energy powder-very effective
Triphala tab-grt fr kid having motiin prob

[06/03 1:13 PM] ‪+91 99298 82499‬: Kaya cream-awsome fr dark cirles n patches

[06/03 1:14 PM] ‪+91 99298 82499‬: Marks clr cream -marks r less visible

[06/03 2:43 PM] ‪+91 80550 17096‬: Brain tonic is great

[06/03 3:07 PM] ‪+91 99947 44099‬: Brain tonic 53, hair oil ,shampoo ,rosewater is awesome  its really  work
[06/03 3:09 PM] Dealer. Alfiyah Nalawala Dahod: I am much satisfied with online payment. .

[06/03 3:12 PM] Dealer. Alfiyah Nalawala Dahod: Bns shampoo. .weight gain kit ..brain tonic 53. .hair heena black n brown. .honey..improve malt ..American soap..n many other bns products r very much praised by my customers. .wuth awesome results. .thanx sir

[06/03 8:53 PM] Insiyaben Karachi: New system of online payment is excellent. Immediate trfr of money no need to wait for the approval of payment n place the order instantly

[06/03 8:55 PM] Insiyaben Karachi: Bns aloe Vera soap n need tul si shop os excellent

[06/03 9:38 PM] ‪+91 97829 70349‬: Noni juice . Wheat tab  facial kit specially herbal steam pack and herbal  toothpaste remove the black patches from teeths by regular use
hair increase in length and become slight thick also due to wheat grass tab
noni juice help in removing toxins out of my body
I am able to feel good effects in every aspect of life by using bns products
Even my laziness vanish i become more active
I would also like to mention mud pack and rose pack together with herbal steam gives excellent results and very cost effective too
Kaya and twacha nikhar cream also very excellent products

[06/03 9:46 PM] Munira Ben hardwarewala HRO india 1to 5: Even I myself using steam pack, twachanikhar, and chocolate face wash gives excellent results

[07/03 12:40 PM] ‪+91 89627 52676‬: Bns antidandruff shampoo results excellent….I myself used N suggest to others N hair care kit is also perfect for hair problms. ..thnku BNS

[06/03 9:27 AM] ‪+91 91456 59511‬: Online payment is best…..very easy….have used it since my first order itself and love the convenience. I would really suggest all dealers use this method to save your and company’s time.

[06/03 10:06 AM] ‪+91 95123 46258‬: Online payment has made purchasing very easy

Thank u Sir and team👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😊

Dealers do use it👍🏻
[06/03 10:10 AM] ‪+91 97837 05372‬: Gm.
Bns protein shampoo & bns hair oil is very effective…i m using both…
Hairfall ma ghnu faraq ayu che…👍🏻
[06/03 10:11 AM] ‪+91 97837 05372‬: I must say tht ol d products r vry best results….
[06/03 10:49 AM] ‪+91 98190 27513‬: Heal care cream is very nice….aa wakat thandi ma heel were very nice….awesome product
[06/03 10:59 AM] ‪+971 50 355 7251‬: My Personal experiences

Kaya cream is very effective in lightning dark spots on cheeks (wit regular application it wil surely go I believe )..very happy wit it’s results …

glycerine soap helps in retaining skin softness. .using for my kids
[06/03 11:01 AM] ‪+91 96641 36052‬: BNS53 brain tonic is awesome👍👍
[06/03 4:24 PM] ‪+91 99099 96653‬: Me n my family all r taking BT53 it’s awesome…I personally feel it improve my memory
[06/03 4:26 PM] ‪+91 99099 96653‬: Sir I hav used d online payment system but I hav to verify my payment ….is it compulsory to verify pymnts
[06/03 4:38 PM] Mariyum Khambati: I m using bns anti dandruff shampoo n hair oil ,it is fabulous
[06/03 4:39 PM] Mariyum Khambati: Also using bt53,great taste
And beauty care products for my skin r giving excellent results
[06/03 4:51 PM] Arwa Ghadiyali: Online payment has made purchasing very easy

Thank u Sir and team👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😊
[06/03 7:32 PM] Fatema Partapgarhwala: Bns shampoo is very nice my hair started growing again after its continues use n tulsi drops n noni cured my son’s tonsilitis
[06/03 7:40 PM] ‪+91 97837 05372‬: I do agree n satisfied with the bns protein shampoo plus hair oil…
Nd also with aloevera soap👍🏻
Thnx to Bns team nd their products💐
[06/03 7:42 PM] Rashida Kadiyani: I do agree n satisfied with the bns protein shampoo plus hair oil…
Nd also with aloevera soap👍🏻
Thnx to Bns team nd their products💐