Tasneem  Ben Ghadiyali Abudhabi:

Hello everyone.. Today being the open day… Feedback day.. I would like to share a feedback..

Bns Panch tulsi drops is amazing.. My son had severe throat pain.. And as prescribed by sir i gave him bns panch tulsi drops.. Just one dosage and his voice was clear.. He was able to take part in madeh competition also.

As prescribed by Rashida ben i took Panch tulsi drops for migraine and it worked.

[31/01 8:07 PM] ‪+91 84467 15952‬: Yeah i agreed punch tulsi drops is too much effective thanks to sir n healers grp

Here are few product feedbacks from other dealers grp.

[31/01 9:03 PM] ‪+91 96878 11852‬: As Rashida bn told..for panch tulsi drops for migraine…the head pain goes permanently

[31/01 10:25 PM] ‪+91 94279 69552‬: I had psoriasis since last 7 years aftr taking noni drops I had seen immense improve ment in my skin. Thanks Bns

[31/01 10:29 PM] ‪+971 50 576 1142‬: Mara knee darad hatu painvati 1 month se lav che ghano farak che thanks to bns


[31/01 11:22 PM] ‪+91 99947 44099‬: My daughter is taking brain tonic 53 from 2 months and amazing improvement I had see she had hifz almost suratun naba

And in school also a very good progress


Ek lady ne Vitiligo kit leva si teen mahina ma all over body white patches kam thai gaya ane ghana to saaf thai gaya dubara pehla jevi skin thai gai

CERVICAL – Jumana ben vapi

Mara cervical vertebrae ma ghanu pain hatu ..
Bns orthocare drops
Bns PainVati Tablet
2 months ma relife thai gayu

Reallly mara knee  ma ghanu  pain hatu  but after taking painwati  tablets pain aj nathi rayu

I would almost like To share my feedback. My mother foot was very painful because of tearing skin and after using aloe foot cream her foot is baby soft. Thnx so much

[31/01 9:00 PM] Bns Tasneem Indore: Hello every one
I would almost like To share my feedback. My foot was very painful because of tearing skin and after using aloe foot cream my foot is baby soft. Thnx BNS


 I would like to share
Bns shampoo
Bns aloe vera gel
Bns  face wash
I m using since 7-8 months

Its awsum
Face ma ane hair fall ma ghano faraq che
Thanx bns

I would also like to share a feed back
I had a severe problem of hairfall then I switched to bns hair oil and shampoo and within a month I noticed a control over hairfall and also got densed hair
Thanks to Bns 💐