Nafisa Mustan :
  • Bns hair oil shampoo Bns raahat oil , Bns skin care kit product using from last two months results are effective.  My knee problem almost gone otherwise praying namaaz was not possible thanx bns
 Zainab Kapasi:
I am using hair tonic and hair shampoo and it really works. My hairfall is less now. Also using Bns Nagarmota tonic which is also good. Thanks to BNS.👍😁
 We r using BNS brain tonic 53 and i am positive about the results…. I have also used BNS detox which is a great product and has helped in improving my health.
 My hairfall has also lessened with BNS hair tonic n shampoo
 I m also using BNS Hair oil and shampoo for Arwa and its realy good😊
Iam using bns kaya skin cream n my skin is showing improvement fr zainab also iam using pimple cream n kalonji cream n it’s working it’s wonders …..
I HV used toothpaste in the starting n it was really v nice.after that I bought many items n it’s superb n BNS is doing with molas Raza Mubarak so of course cure for every problems👍
 Feedbacks from customers🙂
Customer feedback :
 my mother is using painvati tab n orthodrops very effective it has almost reduce her pain n swelling..  she was not able to walk, she used to creep at home also she is taking pain malt with tat she has totally relief frm gastritis. ..
Thank to bns💐
 1 yr old has cold n cough problem due to teething nw he has total relief by taking tulsi drop.
Rahat oil is very effective it is miracle oil for pain has one of customer has relief for frozen shoulder
 Sakina Ghadiyali:
Shukran jazilan for introducing Bns products in my life . M using stone crush since 7 months and  my bleeding problem is totally gone, no need of painkillers and injection is there after using it.
Also m using Bns brain tonic 53 for my kids and with good results one more benefit I have noticed is less cough problems with my kids and thus every month u don’t have to visit doctor for cough and cold problems 👍🏼👌.
Gold honey has proved a tension releif formula for me as my kids don’t eat chapatis with veggies or other gravies so I just make them rolled with honey and they just say yummy.
Thanks a lot Bns.
Trying to resolve every problems with Bns products. It’s a great opportunity to be a member of it and helping humankind.
Isotine drops are a boon for many problems and infections of eyes . My son remembers to put them after and before sleep.
Toothpaste is also great. My little 4yrs son now brushes teeth twice a day happily without crying☺☺
Tasneem Haidary :
Burhani natural science
Lipbalm n cold cream n kaya cream is just amazing it shows great result on my skin and kesar goti   also shows great results in spot reducing
Customer are happy with the results of Brain tonic,kalonji cream,detox kit.some take products by just seeing the tag of bns
Farida Tinwala:
 I am farida Tinwala, Rahat oil is very effective it is miracle oil for pain has one of customer has relief for frozen arm.
 And I have very pain in knees,so i take flxseed gel,pain vati plus tab and orthro drops,alhamdolillah thats a good result for it.thank you bns 🙏🏻💐
Hello Sir..
BNS have been popular all over now but i wud like to share my personal experience.
I stay in a cosmopolitian bldg and as Holi is near.. ladies were practicing dance n were very tired.Gave 2-3 ladies painvati tablet and next day thy were so happy that they all woke up very fresh n active..
All hav order painvati tablets..
Inshallah Bns nu naam Maula ni  dua si will reach to outside community people n make it more n more popular..
Munira Hardwarewala :
One of my customer had ordered detox therapy kit, Antidandruff shampoo, Protein shampoo, Massage cream, aloevera soap /face wash for the first time and after using it she is very happy with the products and I myself personally using aloevera face wash and Aloe neem gel the results are awesome
My name is fatema khedwala before taking brain Tonic she felt tiredness and her apitite was weak after taking brain tonic her problem were solved she is very happy with brain tonic
 Fatema Calcuttawala..
Rahat oil is very useful  Really relieves pain Soaps are good for skin but crumble too easily Erryberry is tasty but have to eat it for a longer time to see results
 Tasneem Haidary:
Sir today very interesting feedback i like to share
I had sold kaya cream to one hindu customer of mine 2 mnths ago but she told me about prdct in 10 days of using that it is not fine it is so worst so i am very upset from it but i told if u buy from market expensive creams so what will u do? U will definitely complete the cream u will not blame to company.first u use it completely u will definitely get positive response.And yesterday she met me personally n with full of guilt n   said sry for her words and told me k ur cream is fabulous n i had get great skin is shining n looking younger from before.nd she had ordered more products now saying k bns no tag hase to hawe m bina wichare use karis .
 Yusuf Janodwala:
Evn I hv interesting feedback….
One of our healer had asked me for some remedy for his personal issue…
I posted it in our discussion group…
Dr. Rashida ben replied for that…
I told him to take thoes things…
He said this is quite expensive….
I told him it’s best I can give n u can take ….
He waited 5months to decide to go with BNS or not…
5months later he asked me to get thoes Bns products for him….
Now he says it’s really working fine with him…
Evn his neighbour are looking forward for it….
Zainab Burhani:
Patient Name – Saberaben Ujjainwala
70 age
Problem –
Lots of pain in legs
Cant sit n walk properly
Walk with stick
Products given –
Bns Spirulina tab
Bns Flaxseed
Bns PainVati Tab
Bns Noni drops
Bns Rahat oil
Four month before she started this course n taking regularly till now,
Have received excellent response n lot of prob is solved like lots of pain gone, sujan decreased, n walk properly, immunity increase.
She is very happy n will continue as she is getting results.
Sukran Bns💐
Tasneem Haidary:
One line feedback for bns
Thanks u had changed many lives  From childrens to adults with ur products thrpugj treatments and business
 I want to share about bns is I hv cough n cold whole year 12 months continusly and I hv taken bns detox kit n now no cold n cough is there n even I HV seen change in my health my mind was disturbed all the time but it is relax now, n I hv used neem tab triphala tab, n bns shampoo n all prdcts are awesome n hv great result💐💐💐
Myself Mubaraka Tajani , I am dealer but I bought Neem soap from jumanaben , used , it is excellent , I do have sweat after bath , but after Neem bath , I am sweat free and feel refreshing as well , even my husband also told me it is gud .
 Jumana rangwala:
Hello sir  protein shampoo and orange  mango chocolate flavour soaps are just too excellent products and trifala tabs and respicare kit worked out best for my customer they say cold and cough and breathing problem just vanished in just four months
Thanks to BNS 🌺
  Tasneem Maimoon:
1) Feel quite energetic and much more healthier.
2) No more pain in bones.
3) Smooth flow of blood during my periods….no stomach aches or cramps.
4) Excellent results obtained in my hair volume after using the shampoo and flaxseed.
Shukran and Jazak Allah khair for helping me live a healthier life!!! 😊
👆🏼feedback from healer who uses calcical,  Noni,  Bns shampoo and flaxseed
 Mariya Badri:
 Myself mariya m a dealer of bns i got burnt on hand its too bad i applied aleovera neem gel on d wound it gets cure n applying repeatedly to get rid of dead skin…. thanks for introducing effective products … also using soaps of hcenter n all r very good than we brought from d market..
One of my customer’s from paris liked rahat oil very much she says its too good i want more whenever i visit mumbai surely cnct u..😊
 By Rashida gadiyani
Hello sir bns na badha j product ekdum jfine che
Jyar thi kaya cream , alo jel , vaparvanu chalu karel che tyar si mari sceen no problem khatum thai gyo n protin shampoo , hair oil si ghar ma badha no hair problem khatum thai gyo n painvati si mara husbund ni combiflem levani aadat j chuti gai n mari dikri ne typhid thai gyo to ae jamiya ma padhe che amne thoda divas ni j chutti aapili dr. Ni advise thi bns ni dava pun sathe start kari to ekdum juldi fine thai gyu
Thanks for bns very much
‬ Salaam
My customer is taking weight gain kit from past 4 to 5 months. She is happy with the results as has got weight increased by 6 to 7 Kg. Also my Father takes brain tonic regularly his age is 80 plus, he manages to go to shop from morning 10 to evening 8. He is very sharp in his calculations and brain tonic supports for his good  memory.  Thanks to BNS for such an amazing product.  Also many other products are too good which are used by myself and my family,  honey is also very pure. All body products are excellent chemical free. Painvati and soft flaxseed gel tabs had helped me to cure Chicken guinea.  Thanks to whole BNS team for their efforts to make such good  products and that to with affordable prices.
 By Umaima Aliasgar..
Its an honor to be a part of Bns team I m using many products of bns
*Healthyseeds* is the thing through which I start my day  followed by *Detox kit* which eventually makes my day healthy
*bns soap* keeps my skin rejuvenated and fresh
*Brain tonic*keeps my kids energetic
*Tulsi drops* is the sheild for my entire family
*Heel cream* helps me to be on my toe
*slim tea* just not help in loosing weight but also give relaxation from an upset stomach (acidity gas)
*Black henna* gives an elegant look as well as fluffy hair
This is how I n my family stay healthy through Bns without any side effects
Thanks BNS💐💐
  Rashida Kadiyani:
Hello sir bns na badha j product ekdum jfine che
Jyar thi kaya cream , alo jel , vaparvanu chalu karel che tyar si mari sceen no problem khatum thai gyo n protin shampoo , hair oil si ghar ma badha no hair problem khatum thai gyo n painvati si mara husbund ni combiflem levani aadat j chuti gai n mari dikri ne typhid thai gyo to ae jamiya ma padhe che amne thoda divas ni j chutti aapili dr. Ni advise thi bns ni dava pun sathe start kari to ekdum juldi fine thai gyu
Thanks for bns very much
sir my husband has severe pain in backside. ane dard backside si start thai ne chest ma pohtu thu em lage ke heart problem hase. hame reports karaya ecg saglu normal hatu.  pachi aap ye bns ma detox kit launch kidu to mara husband  ye detox lewanu shuru kidu. ena si alhamdolillah backpain problem completely solve thai gayo ane bija problems  jewa k elergy eczema  shardi  sagla problems solve thai gaya.
Thank you bns team🙏
 Tasneem Haidary :
One of the best product of bns is brain tonic after using it my childs rank was increased from 4 th to 2nd.Thanx to bns for all the things or products they had givem to us.
 We had a great honor that we r the dealers of bns and one of my cstmer uses forever cmpny honey and after tasting bns honey she had replaced all its product from bns and is very happy from us.
Salaam myself shakera frm shahada first iwas amway member but after the contact with jumanaben I became the member of bns and after using the shampoo
Soap,faceglow,antiagingcream,oil,mint facepack gave me a excellent result.I gave it to my coustomer they also felt that it was best plus and cheap. My persnol exp of neem tablet,is also very good my son and my husband always insummer get the boils but aftr taking neem tab it was almost thing more in our house always there use to be crocin tab but after taking painwati ,tulsi drops  crocin nDcold medicienes are disappeared. ITHANKS TO BNS TEAMS FOR GIVING SO MANY USEFUL ARUVEDIC +HALAL PRODUCTS
 *By Jamila Matkawala*
Reviews of following products-
1)detox kit- it works wonders..! Hairfall,skin probs,acidity, heart burn, nd pain in body..aa sagli chizo ma ghanoj fayda male che..ek ben hairfall ni prob waste leta hata but she noticed chnges in her skin and vision too..! In just two months
2)painvati-pehla ek bhai koi biji ayurvedic dawai leta hata indore c kammar na dard waste thn he was suggested to try BNS painvati plus once..ane emne ghanoj farq lago 2weeks maj emno rply awelo k gimme details abt other bns products too..
3)BNS honey- ehno taste ane faydo ghanoj che.moula c shifa bolawi BNS honey par ane badaam par ane farzand ne roz shehad ane badaam ape che..
4) Oligo kit- j bhai leta tha ehne ek month na andar andarj iddam farq lago.his sperm count increased.ane bija b ghana positive chnges aya body ma.
5)rose face wash- hwe kai b baju bahar jawa waste faqt rose face wash 15mins ane kaya cream apply krwanu hoi che..ane tme need for haraam make up kits.
6)noni juice- it has marvellous benefits seriously.. Mara mom c itnu kaam notu thatu but aftr taking BNS noni juice hwe kalako kitchen ma masjid ma khidmat kare che to khbrj nai padti..pag nu dard hath nu dard jem chaluj gayu hoi ane iddamj energy mali hoi jem koi tonic hoi energy walu..! It was little expensive but continued for full 6months.
7)tulsi drops-mari baby ne ek mahina krta wadhare thai gaya tha sardi jatij allopathy apiye to iddam loose loose lage bachu..i started with tulsi drops ane alopthy completely band kari didi..10days maj ehne farq awi gayo but i continued ane shukr hmna 2-3months thai gaya zara b sardi nthi thai..!
8-Bns hair oil- just tried hairoil only ane hair fall completely gone..7months thai gaya using on BNS hair oil.
9)respicare kit- 2yrs thai gaya pump lewani zaruratj nthi padi..16yrs no asthma 5months ni respicare kit c khtmj thai gayu..homeopathy allopathy inhaler sagluj try kari chukela..but BNS came lyk a blessing to me..! Thnkoo BNS.
Nisrin Tezabwala:
Hello friends. .
From very beginning I was used bns products,it’s results not good but also very effective; then I recommend bns products to my colleagues and friends. …especially below products I used regularly. ….
1)Detox kit:-
It is very effective in  all seasons and also for all ages….
2)Bns aloe foot cream:-
Very good and foot is as soft as baby’s foot.
3)Aloevera neem Gel:-
Very good antiseptic and also give  quick relief during itching in summer.
4) Triphala Tablets:-
Good results when we feel uneasy….
Above all ; all products are very good and gives fantastic results.
*Hypothyroidism treatment*
 Few years back I came to know that I m suffering from hypothyroidism. I started with allopathy treatment which ended with so many harmful effects to my body such as brittle nails, painful periods, hairfall,and the worst was the frustrating mood swings then I was introduced to the miraculous medicine known as
It started working in just fifteen days. I forgot cramping legs , painful periods, hairfall. After 2years Inspite of having this disease I m leading a healthy life Now I m taking *THYRO CARE drops* through which
My mensus cycle is normal &
I can work for long without any frustrations. Thanks BNS
My Mother had a severe knee pain she couldn’t even make her way to the bathroom so many painkillers  were to be taken every day followed by ointments but all in vain Then I asked Dr. Rashida Mam and she suggested *Painvati* and *FLAXSEED GELTAB* …After 30 days My Mother was so relaxed that she could run. She is still taking FLAXSEED and has no more pain
Thanks BNS for healing our wounds💐💐
 Sakina Ghadiyali:
 All products are really like a boon. Gives solutions to any problem.
I wasn’t able to reduce my weight but only by using slim tea and drops now I feel m going to be as before again.
My mother has cough problem and it happens between oftenly. Dry cough and cough . I used honey cough syrup for her and now she has uch relief inner throat too.
Thanks BNS
 Mubaraka Tajani:
These much queries of us and their solutions by Direct Dr.(owner of BNS) is only the inspiration for me to suggest everyone that join in BNS, MISSION HEALING and proudly say I M BNS User
Bns was introduce to me by Jumanaben for Braintonic and after that no looking back..I became dealer of Bns   and started using Gels,soap,toothpaste,flax gels,painvati,facewash n many things..n as i was using for myself i could easily explain its benefits to my buyers…n Drs r everready to help wit queries so more quickly can answer back to buyers..
Thnxs to Bns team!!👍👍
Tasneem Haidary:
Most important feedback for bns is for its usefulness for whole family.
My mother in law uses DETOX KIT and after using it she now feels refresh all the day.
My brother in law uses triphala tab and neem tab through which his stomach problem just gone.
My husband uses moisturiser due to which his skin was soft now.
My sister in law uses fairness cream which is very effective for her.
For my childrens i use brain tonic which proves very useful for them in hifzul quran.
My sistrr uses kalonji cream.
For my daughter i had used neem soap and her chicken pox spots just gone.
N I used kaya cream,and vns cold cream and kesar goti which has make my skin clear by removing pimple spots.
Thanx to bns just proved to be boon for my family.
I am just feeling proud to be a dealer n bhd owner of bns
By Insiya..
Hello everyone☺
 I m in bns family from 2 years and from these 2 yrs i have been getting lots of benefits from bns products…
1 NEEM TAB :: all say that allergy of cold cant b treated but i have taken neeb tab for 6 months and cured that allergy of sneezing and all skin prblm r sloved by that neem tab 🖒
2 PAINVATI $ FLAXSEED SOFTGEL : my mom used to have lots of knee pain by taking these 2 medicines that is cured ..and i have suggested these to my costmers also bczz insteed of taking allopathic painkillers we should prefer these tab and it gives permenent relief🖒
3  THYRIOD MEDICINES: my one member has done and going on throught thyriod treatment of bns .she was sufering form this from many years but by dua mubarak of aqa maula and due to bns she has got lot of relief in few months and now she is more active in her life and happy too 🖒☺
4 FACEPACK : i have personaly used haldi chandan facepack its amazing 🖒
5 HAIRKIT:  very quick response to hairfall and dandruf by using bms shampoo and oil even my husband used it for few weeks for beard hairfall and he said its really good ..and nice feedbaks form customer also its really affective☺
6  BLACK MEHENDI :  my most selling product in these 2 yrs and best results ..its main quality is that it gives natural colour 🖒
7 SOAPS:  to b very frank all the soaps i get in free schemes i have personally used it and now it has become the habit of using it as the market soaps we use and bns soaps gives different result and skin becomes soft by using bns soaps….thanks to free schemes for making me use bns soaps☺
  In last u would just like to say that not only this much products but all the products r best in bns …its just first u have to believe and use all the products then others will believe in u thats how i m fan of bns …i have tried maximum products and all r good in its own way…
 And i have recieved lots of dua from many of my customers for suggesting them bns treatments …thank u bns team for making us the member .. ☺
 Feedback from a very young customer of mine…😊..
Forwarding as received 👇🏻
BRAINTONIC- i have been using brantonic since 2 months . I  started using it just before my BOARD examination with the faith and belief in this product as recommended by AQA MOULA for sharpening the memory . And it has really worked wonders💁🏻 during my board exams.
And  like a cherry on a cake it has also improved my complexion👍🏻☺ because of the saffron used in it .
ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO AND HAIR OIL-  I started using anti dandruff shampoo and oil but due  to a bit laziness i used to avoid hair oil which🤦🏻‍♀ sometimes use to make my hair dry . But by regular use of hair oil along with dandruff shampoo has not only made me dandruff free but also my hair texture  has  improved
Let me add few lines which she told me,
It seems Maths paper this time went very tough for all but she said to me it went gud for her👍🏻and I told her  that it was the magic of no 53 in tonic and in her roll no she had last two digits…..
Long live Aqa Moula..
Sakina Ghadiyali:
Feedback from rashidaben
THANK you Ben for introducing Bns products
Brain tonic 53 Mari dikri ne ghano faydo kido. Regular bhula wagar ehna.mannsij Lai che hawe to ane khud b kahe che k mummi hawe mane class ma maza awe che. Ehni samajwani ane yaad rakhwani quwwat ma ghanu faraq paru.
Haldi chandan soap si mane skin ekdum hawe glow kare che. Dryness ma b faraq Lage che.
Hair oil SI Baal ni thickness wadhi ane Shampoo sabab dandruff ane hair fall to bilkul khtam AJ Thai gayu che.
Gold honey nu taste jewu humna lag honey chakhu nathi. Bija company na ma.mile che honey ehma ane BNS na taste ma ghanuj faraq che.niche je bija madh jaami Jai che e b BNS honey ma nathi thayu.
Thank you BNS.
 Farida Daman:
Hello sir,
I am a BNS dealer since 2 yearsFirst 2 mnths aftr joining I dint rely on the products much as u all knw there are  many other companys cmng up day by day.
Then i strtd using personally  for myself n my family.My husbands cholestrol level n BP use to be on a higher side bt after using flaxseed softgel its totally under control.🙏🏻
One of my cousins hd severe piles problem aftr using continuosly for 6 months he says its all cured   n strtd using other produts also.He says BNS has magical cure wth maulas dua.
Antidandruff shampoo and hairkit has worked wonders for many of my customers.Still many more to share of my other customers all are happy.😊
 By Tasneem haidery..
Feedback from hindu cstmer
Shila gupta
Mene phli bar bns ki fruit facial kit use ki n it really very nice prdct jo m parlor ka 700 ka facial karwati thi same wesa effect mujhe isse mila n m hameaha s bohra’s per bharosa karti thi but iske use k baad or zyada bharosa karne lag gai.
Thanx Bns
Sakina Ghadiyali:
Feedback from the customer of Husain Ghadiyali (Bns dealer)
Salam Bhai.
BNS na saglaj products je Mei aapnasi Lida and use karu Chu ye ghanaj fine che Masha Allah.
Brain tonic SI bachchao ni Hifz ni quwwat ma ghani zyadti Thai che em jowai awe che.
Gold honey nu taste saglane Ghar ma ghanuj pasand che.
Toothpaste bhi ghanu j fine che. Teeth are shining😁.
Soaps b safe and fine che. No side effects on sskin are seen.
Thank you BNS
 Tasneem Haidar:
Feedback from myself
For Noni toothpaste
 Mara teeth ma ghni sensitivity thati thi ane kai bhi thndu khawa se eldum dard thatu thu n pachi sir y noni toothpaste use karwa nu kidu n when i use from frst use i feel very relieved now i can eat cold things and drink cold water.
Thanks Bns and dr.idris sir.Bns products helps in every stage every problem of our lives and our cstmers also.
Asma Palanpurwala:
Feedback for Rahat oil
I must say Rahat oil is just a magical oil for everyone .
One of my aunt had bad leg pain and she was suffering from quite a long time she happened to come across rahat oil from someone and purchased from me the moment i sold 1 rahat oil the instance affect of this wonderful oil gave me orders of 10 bottles of oil that too just in a day.
This is very first time where i got my bns order in a day and only for one product .
For me Rahat oil is like a everyday product to sell😊
I was quite off for selling for a months but this oil has boomed my business again.
Really happy for that and would really like to Thank Dr Idris sir and his team.
 Hello bns family
I m member of bns hcentre from very first day it was introduced, joining under mariam bn she is head of south region and i m proudly the first dealer of chennai.
Today my feedback is not only for bns products only but also bns services, mission healing group and efforts of Dr Shk  idris modi and team
*Being the only dealer i really got amazing response from customers, people wants to know abt bns herbal halal products
* we started with very few products now we have more than 150 (medicalproducts, beauty products,foodproduct) in bns because of moula(tus) dua and thousand of  customer satisfaction, bns services
*DR SHK IDRIS modi and team helps many people by their weekly posts through watsapp and connecting people with halal and safe products,we have many groups with proper management 👍👍
*And i really want to appreciate packing and courier service, there was a time wen we had to wait for 10 days for product, but now excellent air bubble packing and products will come 2,3 days,payment mode is also
***now coming for products feedback***
First product i sold was bns Honey😊and there is few products which i used personally and by my customers also
Those really helpful products are
*BNS HONEY – honey is most demanding product
*BNS SOAPS (ALL TYPES)- i was using with many satisfied customers
*BNS BRAIN TONIC- bas naam hi kafi hai 😜
*BNS TULSI DROPS -personally my family uses and i recommend many customers,helping many people in cold and sinus related problems
BNS DIABETES DROP-my abba is using from 6 months and his sugar is undercontrol
*BNS ASHWAGANDHA-i ordered it for some customers but he refuses to take,than i used it for myself it helps me maintain my thyroid
*BNS THYROID DROPS- i m conduming from one month only and hoping for best result
BNS FLAXSEED-all my family loved it,and i gave in hadiyah also
in the end i wish BNS (HALAL CENTRE AND BNS GLOBAL) with dua mubarak of MOULA(TUS) will achieve great success 👍
And thanks for joining so many ladies and giving them
Chance of earning
Farida calcuttawala
(chennai dealer)
 Tasneem Haidary:
Bns kesar goti and areej soap are mother in law’s skin has pimple spots which is vanished and apple areej soap is soft on my sisters skin they both are very happy from bns products and looking Forward for purchasing more products
Jamila Pata:
Bns ma join thai khidmat krva no moke malo ane ghanu bdhu sikhva malu each n every products ni khubi ghani che personaly use kriye che ane confidents c bija bdha ne ehna uses wataviye che and bns global c haji ek vast view malu ek stop par bdhi halal ni wastu male che ane har products use kriye che em ehsaas thai che k aa mola ni raza ane dua c shifa thai rhyu che.
Alhmdolilah all products are awesome n day by day jem products ane offer schemes aavi rai che em haji purchasing ma mazaa aave che ane confidence level wadhe che.
Hve koi pan problem hoi che in my fmly dey directly says plz ask in bns for the solution thanku sir n whole team🙏
Molani dua c BNS WADHUJ JAI…ane hme faido leta rhiye.
 Sakina Ghadiyali:
All bns products are very nice and give fruitful results.
As a dealer and a customer both I am very happy to be in BNS.
Brain tonic is a boon for my kids.
BNS haldi chandan soap is awesome.
BNS shampoo is the mentor of my long hairs.
BNS noni paste is very nice and teeth glitters after using it😁.
BNS gold honey is the favourite of my family.
BNS isotine drops keeps the eyes and Vision fresh than ever before.
Safuf ziabitis has given relief to my uncle . He’s really feeling good and having normal diet.
Rahat oil is quick releif for back and body pains .
Still much more to say.
Many in my family are doing courses for kidney stone, pressure problem and taking BNS prescription. Everytime they meet they pray and give thanks to me for introducing Bns medicines. I really thank our beloved Maula who is our true healer and than next to BNS and it’s authority for doing such a great service and keeping faith in us.