*violet oil* also known as *Banafsha*in urdu is, no doubt the supreme of all oils because of it’s extraordinary health benefits..

This Launch will be having a fantastic blend of few excellent pain relief oils alongwith *Banafsha* ( Violet oil) to form a powerful Herbal pain relief oil for you.


Let me highlight some knowledge regarding *Banafsha (Violet oil)*


*Banafsha (Violet)* is a beautiful flower we all know, the keen gardeners among you will be no doubt knowing about its beauty and its range of splendid colour.

But are you familiar with its diverse range of therapeutic benefits that include its ability to ease pain, clear up congestion and take care of your skin?

Well… Here are some a amazing facts about it:

**It has comforting and calming properties and can be used to help ease a number of conditions like headaches and migraines as well as dizziness, anxiety and nervous exhaustion, chest congestion, Cough etc.

**It has anti-inflammatory compounds and many sufferers of rheumatism and arthritis have found it to be an effective remedy when massaged into their painful muscles and joints.

**Banafsha essential oil can also help stimulate circulation of blood to the muscles.