Bns Slim powder is an all natural herbal formula that helps you burn more fat and loose more weight naturally. Its proven ingredients work day and night to give you a toned figure without any side effects.
What exactly is Bns slim powder?
It is actually a proprietary ayurvedic supplement that consists of some of the rarest herbs like emblica ofiicinalis, Trachyspermum ammi and Cassia Senna that are known for their detoxifying, cleansing, and weight reducing properties.
How does it work?
Bns slim powder woks in three different ways.
Firstly it cleanses your colon, liver and pancreas and makes you feel lighter and healthier. It stimulates the liver and pancreas to release more lipolytic enzymes (fat dissolving enzymes) resulting in faster fat metabolism and excretion without depositing the same under the skin.
Secondly it increases your BMR (basal metabolic rate). Basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy burnt by the body cells during rest. So the more energy you burn the more weight you loose and the more fat is consumed as a body fuel.
 Last but not least, the natural fibres present in this herbal powder makes you feel fuller for longer duration of time and your craving for food is reduced. All these phenomenons collectively help you loose more and more weight without any straining exercise or hardcore dieting.
How to use?
It is very easy to use. You don’t need to use it several times a day for getting results. Just pop 5 grams of this powder before breakfast and at bed time with lukewarm water.
It will work night and day to help you loose those extra kilos.
How much weight can I loose with it?
Normally you can expect to loose up to 5 kilos of weight in just one month with the help of Bns slim powder Of course there are reports of loosing up to 8-10 kgs in a month but these results are not universal and may vary from person to person.
Is there any diet restriction?
Although we never advise you to do hardcore dieting or skipping meals (it really harms your health in the long run), we suggest you to completely avoid oily fried food, junk foods, cheese, potatoes, sweets, bakery products and other carbohydrate / fat rich diet.
Is it safe?
It is completely safe for long term use. There are no side effects at all.
Can a diabetic person use it?
It is not suggested to use if you have diabetes. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder and needs proper maintenance of blood sugar levels and carbohydrate / fat metabolism changes may interact with your sugar lowering medication. Consult your doctor first before using or any other weight loss supplement.