Acupressure su-jok ring is an allergy-free finger free massager ring and is made up of   precious steel and silver plated.

Su-jok acupressure ring is specially twisted by a programmed spring machine, to make the ring to many multi-dimensional triangles, to get massage to each and every acupressure points on the fingers.

Sujok ring is put on each finger by put it on the finger tip and rolled up and down along the finger until the massaged finger becomes warm and you feel the real vibratory experience. Use it once or twice a day for 5 to 10 minutes.

Acupressure su jok ring is very useful for patients with diseases on nerves, cardiovascular problems, joint problems, spinal, respiratory system, digestive and gastrointestinal problems etc.

**Regular usage improves your blood circulation.

** strengthens the human immune system

** supports internal organs, reduces tensions

** relieves immediately from sleepy afternoons and boosts your energy levels.

**It is best for the numbness of fingers.

**Usage is a an easy method of stimulation, can be done by everybody, as it does not require accurate location and points and person can do massage at any convenient time or when need up to 2-3 times a day.

**It is elastic in nature and tight fit for everybody.

**Sujok finger massager ring Improves meridian energy flow in the entire body.Helps in the proper distribution of prana chi or energy in the body.

**Help to relieve from tiredness at anytime, especially if used upon waking.

**Those who are having excess energy, it will constructively channels and distributes excess nervous energy. Otherwise the person will develop headache and tension without any reason.

**Can be used anytime and at anyplace.


The  massage ring is one of the most popular items of Sujok therapy. It is simple but very effective in toning up all organs. It promotes an immediate sense of well-being, bringing a smile to the body and mind. If there is a body pain or a dis-ease in an organ the ring massage on correspondence points is very useful.
No wonder we heard someone call it the magical massage ring!

Here are the instructions on how to use the massage ring:

– Roll the ring on each finger and toe.
– Massage from the tip to the base – i.e. the entire length of each toe and finger.
– If there is a specific pain in the body, focus on the correspondence of that body part. e.g. for the head, use the first phalange of the thumb or big toes. You can also use the first phalange of any finger or toe. For knees, focus on the two middle joints of the two middle fingers or toes.

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