• Benefits of Bns Suvarna Prashan :-


1. Immune System towards diseases becomes stronger.

2. Increases Physical strength.and growth of the baby.

3. Grasping power, Analysis power and Recall memory becomes sharper.

4. Improves Digestive power.

5. Tones up Skin colour and Texture.

6. Protects the baby from different kinds of Allergies.

How does Bns Suvarnaprashan help?

In practice, regular doses of  have proved :

To be excellent immunity boosters for children from 0-16 years of ageTo prevent recurrent cold, cough and fever

To improve intelligence, memory, and oratory skillsTo enhance focus, attention span, retention and recall capacity

To improve complexion and impart a healthy glow

To improve appetite and digestion in children with poor eating habits

To be very useful in prevention of bacterial and viral infections

To improve physical development

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Suvarnaprashan is known to have invaluable benefits to children with special conditions like ADHD (Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder), delayed milestones, learning difficulties, Dyslexia and Autism.

Daily doses of Suvarnaprashan have proved useful to improve memory, attention spans, focus, calm temper tantrums and agitation in special children.

At What Age to Start?

There is a clear recommendation in the scriptures to start at birth and continue until the age of 16 years.  However if you have not started at birth you can start administering at any age before 16.  The most rapid development of the brain is in childhood and this is the time when it is most critical to establish a child’s immunity.  Obviously then, childhood interventions provide a sturdy foundation for good health and enhanced productivity in the future.


Time and duration to give

Every day Morning on empty stomach .

Dosage of Bns Suvarna prashan drops:

Birth to 1 Year – 2 Drops

1 to 16 Years – 4 Drops

Age of Children who can take Bns Suvarna Prashan:

From birth up to the age of 16 years.