Body ache

Home remedies for body ache

Body Ache includes any kind of pain and throbbing in the whole of your body. There come situations in life when over stress or health disorder results in severe body ache. Much before the pills and medicines were introduced, home and natural remedies were used for curing body ache. Even today, home remedies are more effective than pills and medications.

Read on the following most effective home remedies for relieving body ache:Herbal extracts such as holy basil, chamomile, lavendaer, olive oil and almond il are the best home remedies for relieving body ache.

Take few basil leaves and boil them in water. After the syrup reduces ot half, close the flame and allow the syrup to cool. Add salt to the decoction and drink the syrup every day. This will help to ease pain anywhere in your body.

Combination of cinnamon or cinnamon powder and honey can also be effectively used to ease body pain. This combination serves as a healing agent and helps to strengthen the immune system of the body.

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There are several remedies to alleviate body aches. But the important thing to know is what is causing them in the first place and what is the nature of the pain. Are they muscular cramps, joint pains or is there a general feeling of malaise caused by poor posture and improper sleeping habits.


If you have just begun an exercise regime, it is possible that you are overdoing it. Try reducing the intensity of exercise and increasing it slowly over a period of weeks. Also never do any rigorous exercise without warming up and stretching before hand.


If the problem is in the joints, then warm compresses applied to the aching areas will help. If the problem is rheumatic or arthiritic joint pain, please take supplements containing Omega 3 fats and a turmeric extract called curcumin. These will reduce inflammation and therefore bring down the pain. Sleep on a mattress that is neither too soft nor too hard but supports your spine adequately. Poor sleep habits are a frequent cause of body aches. For women with a large bosom, wearing a well fitting bra will take care of the persistent back pain.The flowing are herbal remedies to reduce cramping and muscle pain:

  • Apply herbal compresses containing St.John’s Wort, chamomile or witch hazel
  • You can prepare a salve using Arnica or Cayenne pepper. Arnica is a natural pain reliever and Cayenne Pepper improves circulation.
  • Massage the area with Lavender oil.
  • Make infusions of Valerian or rosemary and drink them.

Acupressure or reflexology also help greatly with body aches. Identify the root cause of the problem and treat it accordingly.