Body odour

Body Odour:
• Everyone emits a natural body odour
• Activity of bacteria present in the sweat leads to body odour
• At times the odour is excessive and has an unpleasant smell

Symptoms to look for:
• A fishy or foul odour

• Excessive sweating
• Collection of sweat due to tight clothes or clothes which do not permit air flow

Natural home remedy using turnip:
1. Cut and crush turnip to a paste
2. Press this paste on a sieve and extract juice
3. Apply this juice on underarms and groin area
4. Allow it to dry naturally
5. This will keep odour in check for 10 hours

Natural home remedy using white vinegar:
1. Dip cotton in white vinegar
2. Rub cotton on sweat prone areas
3. Vinegar’s smell will go after a while
4. This will help keep area odour free for whole day

Natural home remedy using tomatoes:
1. Crush 7-8 tomatoes
2. Press the pulp on a sieve and extract juice
3. Add this juice to a bucket of bathing water
4. Bathe with this water for positive results

• Avoid wearing unwashed clothes
• Do not wear shoes for a long time
• Wax armpits regularly
• Wash feet properly
• Avoid cotton socks as they facilitate odour
• Wear open sandals whenever possible
• Bathe regularly