Bone fracture pain

Home Remedies Bone Fracture

When  a bone in the body breaks or cracks it’s called fracture. There are two types of fractures: closed or simple, when the skin that covers the bone remains intact or it’s open or compound when the bone breaks the skin. Use the home remedies bone fracture in this site to speed up healing.

When a fracture occurs, cause terrible pain and tenderness in the area fractured, along with swelling, the appearance of some blood under the skin and some numbness, tingling or paralysis below the injured area.

When a person fractures an arm or leg, he or she could lose the pulse below the fracture. Fractures are more common in young children and in older adults. As we grow older, our bones get weaker and more fragile, and they take more and more time to heal themselves.

A fracture requires professional attention, what we offer here are recommendations that will aid in healing after the bone has been set.

NOTE: Bone mass increases continually throughout life until approximately 30-40 years of age. In later years, net bone loss occurs when bone resorption exceeds the amount of bone formed. In fact, bones lose their density continuously each year after the age of 30 in both men and women. To assist in promoting the health of our bones, studies have long shown that a daily intake of Calcium is critical. 

Use These Home Remedies Bone Fracture

Home Remedies Bone Fracture #1: Eat half pineapple every day until it’s completely healed. It contains Bromelain, an enzyme that helps to reduce swelling and inflammation. Do not eat canned or processed pineapples. If you don’t  like fresh pineapple, take the supplement Bromelain. It has the same effect as pineapple.

Home Remedies Bone Fracture #2:  It is very important to regain Bone Strength as soon as possible to avoid future injuries and to insure a solid bone fusion. we recommend that you take this. 

Home Remedies Bone Fracture #3: Do not eat red meat, and avoid drinking colas and all products containing caffeine.

Home Remedies Bone Fracture #4: Avoid eating foods with preservatives, they contain Phosphorous which can lead to bone loss.

Home Remedies Bone Fracture #5: Take Boron, is important for the health and healing of the bone.

Home Remedies Bone Fracture #6: Take Calcium + Magnesium + Potassium.  They are essential to repair bone damage and to maintain a good muscle and heart condition.

Home Remedies Bone Fracture #7: Take Zinc, helps repair tissue damage.