Breathsol training


Hello Healers …

When we say, share the benefits you derive from BNS, we actually believe and do imply  upon it…

To share and distribute the goodness of BNS,  Our Manager

Rashida Qasim Ali Shajapurwala ****************************

is making a 15 days visit to Tanzania (Daresslam).

She will b conducting  free

Breathesol Therapy Classes **************************** there as well as The Seminaar about,

BNS Mission Healing  And  BNS Halal Centre.

Our desired Healers   from Tanzania can take active part in attending this Health Seminar and learning this wonderful Breathesol Therapy which has numerous health benefits, in just three days through our Manager itself…

For more details  Kindly contact :

Mr. Huzaifa Saifee  Plot No. 89 & 90 Behind TIBA Dispensary  Malik Road, Upanga

Tanzania (Daresslam) Tel: 0788183708 & 0784790042

And get urself register for this excellent opportunity..

Date of registration  15 sep -20 Sep only ..

The registered healers will be soon given the information about the day and dates of classes through msg.

Regards  Dr. Idris Modi.