Burhani Natural Science (BNS) is a reputed leading brand in Natural and Herbal preparations of Healing products in wide variety, for almost all kinds of health issues.


BNS has reached the heights of success in the very short period of time and there are two main and sole reasons for it :

1. The shower of Immense blessings of Our His Holiness Dr. Syedna Aaliqadar Mufaddal Saifuddin Saheb (Tus)

2. The consistent goodwill due to the usage of quality and authentic herbs and formulas in the preparations of healing products.


BNS has been always active in new research and its launch, due to this potency, BNS is blessed to be the first ever brand to launch the ready preparation of an amazing memory boost formula, namely “BNS BRAIN TONIC 53” as per the given prescription of our His Holiness, a month ago… and the response as well as feedback recieved was incredibly unbelievable..

This unique preparation of brain tonic 53 contains 3 quality herbs:

1. Honey:

Honey is known for its effectiveness in instant boosting the performance, endurance and relaxing muscle fatigue. The glucose in honey is absorbed by the body quickly and gives an immediate energy boost.

BNS Brain Tonic 53 contains, Bns Gold honey which is derived from mountain bees and which are highly enriched in various health beneficial minerals and vitamins..

2. Nagarmotha:

Research and studies have shown that Nagarmotha possess various pharmacological properties such as diuretic, carminative, anthelminthic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-dysenteric and antirheumatic.

An extensive review of the ancient traditional literature and modern research has revealed that this herb has numerous therapeutic actions, several of which have been established scientifically, which helps in weight management, maintainace of cholesterol and blood pressure as well as blood circulation and immunity.

But nagarmotha has to be used after a keen observation and filteration process… Nagarmotha roots if not cleaned and dried hygienically before use than it may effect your digestive system as well as can adversely result in acute acidity, gastritis and intestinal ulcers.

BNS Brain Tonic 53 contains organic nagarmotha which is washed and dried in sunlight under hygenic maintainace which helps in removing the dirt and soil particles effectively to give you the best health benefits.

Note: Nagarmotha powder without washed will appear blackish in colour due to the presence of soil and dust particles in it, whereas washed and clean nagarmotha root powder will appear creamish in colour.IMG-20151126-WA0068

3. Saffron:

Saffron contains several plant-derived chemical compounds that are known to have been anti-oxidant, disease preventing, and health promoting properties.

It helps to protect the human body from oxidant-induced stress, cancers, infections and acts as immune modulators.

Additionally, it is also rich in many vital vitamins, including vitamin A, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin-C that is essential for optimum health.

At the same time it is necessary to know that, duplicate Saffron is also available in the market, which are made from fish skin and which can be very harmful for human health.

BNS Brain Tonic 53 contains best quality Irani Saffron which is completely filled with the health benefits mentioned above.


Apart from quality herbs used in BNS Brain Tonic 53, one more plus point adds 3 star to it, which is :

The above mentioned ingredients used in BNS Brain Tonic 53, are mixed in Sang-e-yashab (stone mortar) and not in electronic blender.


The benefits of this stone are as follows :

1. The herbs if mixed in this stone gains the calming properties and thus don’t gives any body heat effect if intaken, as well as helps in dealing with stress, anger, frustration,  depression,  piles and detoxifies the body too..

2. Honey blended in square piece of stone (yashab)  prevent the palpitation of the heart.

3. The stone mortar mixing method helps in improving digestive system, heart and brain activities as well as controls blood pressure.

No doubt why this quality and hygenic herbal preparation of BNS BRAIN TONIC 53 is loved and trusted all over the world, as soon as launched…

No doubt why BNS brand is effectively healing the health issues with the touch of Nature And Herbs…

May BNS keep continuing with its quality aspects in order to serve and treat you with the best and trust worthy herbal solutions ever..

Visit this you tube link on method of preparation