Yeast Infection (Candidiasis) –

Home Remedy & Natural Treatment

Candidiasis, commonly referred to as Yeast Infection is a kind of fungal infection caused by a kind of fungus with the scientific name ‘Candida albicaus’. With moisture and warmth aiding their survival, yeast infection generally affects body parts prone to the similar conditions. Generally affecting parts such as vulva, vagina and oral cavity; dentures, folds underneath the breasts and that of the lower abdomen may be similarly infected. Besides pregnancy and pre menstrual hormonal changes, physiological conditions affecting immune system and medications in form of steroid are some causes leading to yeast infection.

Though mostly affecting females, there are yeast infections affecting males and children as well. Marked by itching and burning sensations, there are medical curatives available to counter yeast infection. Certain homemade solutions can not only help to counter the extent of infection; but also help control its menacing impacts.

Home Remedies for Vaginal Yeast Infection

Given below are some effective yeast infection home remedies. These are natural treatment for yeast infection to reduce the infection and provide relief.

  • Friendly bacteria in non sweetened yogurt serve to counter yeast infection. One can buy ‘fitness curd’ from the market or make use of a yogurt maker to have it home made. Yogurt which can be taken as a food intake, in form of butter milk can substantially counteract infection. It can also be applied topically with tampon. Regular intake of non sweetened curd helps to destroy the harmful bacteria and fungal content of the system. External application of yogurts should be wiped out after some time.
  • Inserting a clove of garlic or tablet containing the same is also another effective home remedy. To be inserted after every two to three hour, garlic with its desired natural contents serves as an antidote to yeast infection. Garlic not only strengthens the auto immune system, but also acts as an antiseptic. Its anti fungal properties help substantially to fight against fungal base of the yeast infection.
  • Black walnut which is scientifically known as ‘Juglans nigra’has an important anti fungal element in its ‘juglone’. With this anti fungal content it serves to safe guard against long term infection caused by Candida.
  • Herbal concoction made out of one ounce of walnut tincture, with half ounce of lavender tincture and that of ten drops of tea oil is also known to inhibit yeast infection with its anti fungal mechanism. Two to three droppers of the resulting mixture may be taken regularly to counteract its effects and possibility.
  • Ten to twelve ounces of water helps counteract yeast infection by detoxifying the body. It is also prescribed by medical practitioners along with course in anti biotins.
  • Oil made out of Oregano herbal extract may help by giving the body due potency against yeast infection. The carvacrol content of oregano helps to kill yeast infection.
  • Bathing in luke warm water with drops of cider vinegar, with particular emphasis on flushing the affected areas with the same will not only prove to be relaxing, but will also help reduce the burning sensation by killing the yeast.
  • For yeast infection affecting mouth and dentures thorough rinsing with warmly salted water acts as a natural disinfectant.
  • Rinsing of mouth with disinfectant dyes available in medical stores is also one of the effective remedies.
  • Douching with yogurt solution or that containing cider vinegar may also be resorted to for countering yeast infection. Adequate care should be taken to disinfect the constituent parts of the equipment to be used in douching including container, tube and the nozzle.
  • Application of honey to the affected area and having the same rinsed with luke warm water is another of the natural home remedial options.
  • Drinking a solution containing water apple vinegar can also be an accessible option. It is one of the best possible options as it helps restoring the bacterial balance in a physiological system, besides boosting its auto immune mechanism.
  • Chances of yeast infection can be substantially reduced by avoiding stuffs like sugar, coffee and alcoholic drinks. With known affinity of yeast with sugar, eatables based on sugar should also be avoided.
  • In place of beverage rich in caffeine content, herbal tea may be opted for to mitigate the chances of yeast infection. With its medicinal property it also helps alleviate the painful effects of yeast infection.