Chalk dust allergy

In 45 — 50 minutes of a class, the teacher several times, the end of the class, often on the hands, sleeve, and hair, on the left arm is a layer of white chalk. Day after day, year after year, they shall not prevent the land from the nose suction some chalk. Although the chalk on the human body to be harmless, but long time can lead to nose, pharynx and larynx, etc BuShiZheng, namely everybody says “chalk syndrome”. “Chalk syndrome” detailed include:

1, to the lung damage: chalk dust is simple by inhalation lung, mostly hindered in alveoli, after a series of influence, chemical and immune effect can constitute a lung loss, including respiratory inflammation and pulmonary ventilation function is reduced, common lung diseases are: slow, acute pneumonia, lung cancer, pneumoconiosis, etc.

2, to the upper respiratory tract damage: chalk dust into the lung method is through the upper respiratory tract include nose, pharynx, bronchial, in this process, some dust will stay in the upper respiratory tract, the mucosa epithelial cells attack mechanical impact and damage, long time in this environment operation, will cause a series of pathological changes, meanwhile to the influence of the nose is the most common cause boring sex rhinitis; On the influence of the pharynx is mainly induced slow pharyngitis, make the pharyngeal boring, cough up phlegm not great, pharynx pain pharyngeal itching, For bronchial influence is induced slow bronchitis, and sometimes trigger asthma.

3, an eye on the damage: chalk dust fall into eyes, affects the lachrymal gland excretion, tears hydrolysis calcium carbonate and attack alkaline substances, will influence the severe eye mucous membrane, constitute mucosa damage, constitute a slow inflammation, can induce the onset of myopia.

4, to skin damage: chalk dust will fall in the faculty hair, face and neck, to skin membrane have effect, if in summer sweat solution, attack alkaline substances, to skin mucosal impact is bigger, chalk dust make the skin becomes dry, rough, and accompanied by itching feeling, make human body unwell, who will lead to severe acne, folliculitis, pyoderma, skin chap and a lot of hair drops, influence and trouble the teacher normal operation and livelihood.

5, to the ear damage: chalk dust into the external auditory meatus, mix in sebum, may constitute a impacted cerumen, if long time so, will cause ear inflammation attack.

Chalk on the teacher’s good health damage, in the following three kinds of condition more severe:

1, faculty with cold, cough. If at the moment to suction chalk is hit a man when he is down, serious still can cause asthma. Not to mention respiratory disease, cold slow the sore throat.

2, faculty have rhinitis, especially allergic rhinitis patients, the air demand higher, to dust particles will be a highly sensitive, serious person the meeting sneeze continuously, not only influence in class, and aggravate rhinitis performance.

3, a boring qiu dong season. Because at the moment with chalk hand will be dry, finger skin can can present chap. Severe skin can cause allergies.

To prevent the chalk, teachers should pay attention to the following:

1, maintenance eyes: clean the blackboard pen as far as possible when the eyes, “squint” clean the blackboard; JinShiZhe, the best wear tangible eyes, don’t wear contact lenses; Common to notice to use eye sanitation, adhere to the hands hygiene, together with dirty hands do not pay attention to eyes.

2, protect skin: because chalk is alkaline, and finger in touch in the future, simple present skin ageing, bring about skin to boring, chap, etc. Professor hint, faculty in the run out of chalk in the future, it should be wash your hands, pay attention to skin, together the face to also want to strengthen protection, should wash a face often.

3, away from dust: clean the blackboard away from as far as possible when, can temporarily straightest, cutting dust suction. If itself with cold perhaps rhinitis etc. Throat symptoms, in clean the blackboard to masks hold muzzle.

Finally, in the common living should pay attention to rest more, drink more water throat. Other, pay attention to the ego living habits, to give up smoking and drinking, prevent hot, cold overheat as well as the influence of strong food.