Chicken pox

Chicken Pox:
• Chicken pox is a viral infection
• The most prominent symptom is the appearance of red spots and  rashes on skin
• It is a highly contagious condition
Symptoms to look for:
• Rashes or tiny red spots on the skin
   o These appear mostly on the upper back or chest
   o As infection grows rashes spread to face and lower extremities
• Overtime,
   o Rashes get filled with fluid
   o Thick crust develops
• As some of these rashes dry, new ones come up
• Itchy blisters
• Mild fever
• Headache
• Weakness
• The condition may spread if one comes in contact with,
   o Cough or sneeze of an infected person
   o Fluid from the chickenpox blister
• Lack of vaccination for chickenpox
Natural home remedy using green peas:
1. Take 200 g green peas
2. Boil them in water
3. Drain the water
4. Crush the peas to make a paste
5. Apply this paste on the affected area
6. Leave it for 1 hr
Natural home remedies using baking soda:
1. Baking soda helps control the itching
2. Take 1 bowl of water
3. Add 3 tbsp baking soda
4. Mix well
5. Use a sponge to apply on the skin
6. Make sure that the soda dries on skin
Natural home remedies using carrots and coriander leaves:
1. Take 100 g chopped carrots
2. Add 60 g fresh coriander leaves
3. Add them in 500 ml water and boil till water reduces to half
4. Drink this soup once a day
5. Add salt and pepper for taste
• Vaccinate your child for chicken pox
• Avoid itching or scratching the blisters as it can aggravate the condition. It can also leave permanent
  scars on the skin