Chronic Urine Infection

Remedies For Painful Chronic Urine Infection

Those who are suffering from chronic urine infection might be taking up different kinds of medication but not finding much relief. There are certain lifestyle changes and home remedies that one can take up in order to find a long term solution to this recurring condition.

1. Apple And Vinegar Recipe
It is known that eating certain food items can help to reduce the inflammation and cure it as well
• Apple pieces to be taken with the skin removed
• Some white vinegar to be taken and salt added to it
• The vinegar should be used as a dip for eating the apple slices
• The taste is good and it works
• The vinegar is helpful in reducing the infection when combined with the nutrients present in the apple

2. Maintaining Good Hygienic Habits
As the urinary infections are caused by pathogens that are found in feces and in unclean toilet bowls, it is necessary to keep oneself clean and their surroundings hygienic
• One should always wash themselves after every toilet session
• If water is not present, hygienic wipes should be used to wipe oneself clean

3. Washing Oneself Properly
Urinary tract infections often originate from improper cleaning habits
• One should ensure that they wash themselves properly even in the anal and the urinating areas
• These areas need to be kept clean when one is taking a shower or a bath
• A healthy cleansing ritual followed once or a twice a day will help to keep such infections at bay

4. Beware Of Public Toilets
Public toilets are used by different people and might not be kept clean properly
• These areas are usually sources of such infections
• One needs to clean their toilet seat both before and after usage
• One should clean themselves with wipes and wash their hands afterwards
• Clean habits will go a long way to ward off infections from public places

5. Intake Of Fluids
It is necessary to drink lots of water as infections are nothing but toxins accumulating inside the body
• As the fluid intake increases the power of the infection reduces and will also help to control the inflammations
• As urinary tract infection cause on to urinate frequently, it is necessary to keep up the fluid intake in order to counter the loss of fluids from the body


6. Reduce Sugar Intake
When one suffers from urinary tract infection one needs to cut down on their sugar intake
• High sugar, carbs or fat rich foods increase the blood sugar level in the blood stream. That in turn feeds the bacterial or the fungal infection even more
• It is best to reduce the intake of such foods to replace them with high fiber and nutritional diet which will help to remove the toxins from the body

7. Need To Stay Warm
It is recommended that one stays warm when one is suffering from urinary tract infection
• as the body temperature is kept up, the detoxification process inside the body is elevated
• if one live in cold countries, it is advisable to wear socks and take hot water baths to sterilize themselves and reduce the occurrence of the infection

8. Take A Hot Water Bottle
Many doctors advise that patients take hot water bottles.
• They can apply it in their lower back and pelvic areas.
• this is known to provide relief from the inflammations that occur from the condition of urinary tract infection

9. Power Of Ginger
Among the spices, ginger is known for its healing properties
• when one is suffering from urine infection, drinking tea with ginger will help to soothe the system and to reduce the inflammation
• ginger has healing properties that help to control such infections

10. Drinking Tea
When one has to keep up their fluid intake, it is best to drink tea on a regular basis
• tea that is low on caffeine and high on useful herbs is recommended
• Chamomile tea, ginger tea and peppermint tea are usually recommended to those who suffer from chronic urine infections

11. Eating Magic Mushrooms
• There are some mushrooms of Chinese origin which are known to work miracles on people infected with urine infections
• One should do proper research before procuring such mushroom and consuming them as a remedy for urine infection

12. The Power Of Cranberry
Cranberry is known to have powerful antioxidant properties that can help to reduce such infections naturally
• You could add this fruit to your breakfast
• If you do not get cranberry locally, you could opt for the pills that provide the power of the fruit in a powder form

13. Steps To Take After Intercourse
It is necessary that proper hygiene is maintained after intercourse
• Urinating after intercourse will help to wash away pathogens that might have entered the urethra or the anal area
• One should clean themselves as well after such sessions in order to reduce the chances of incidence of such infections

14. Medicated Cleanses
It is recommended for women to use medicated cleanses in order to reduce the chances of urine infection. As women are more prone to such infections than men, it is necessary that
• they take precaution by wiping themselves with wipes after toilet rituals
• they should ensure that the toilet bowls are clean

15. Maintaining Hygienic Surroundings
• while keeping the public places clean is not in our hands, we could ensure that our home environment is clean
• Ensure that the toilets are cleaned regularly and sanitized
• Regular cleanings of toilet bowls is necessary if the toilets are shared among many

16. Avoid Alcohol
• When someone is suffering from urine infection they need to avoid alcohol intake
• The intake of such fluids will irritate the bladder more which is already inflamed in such conditions

17. Avoid Smoking
Those who are suffering from chronic urine infections show signs of a poor immune system
They need to give up unhealthy habits like smoking as it can:
• aggravate the immune system
• cause more serious complications

18. Intake Of Probiotics
• Food that is rich in probiotic ingredients is helpful for ensuring healthy bacterial growth in the gut
• Yoghurt is a healthy source of probiotics and will help to keep the bacterial environment healthy which in turn will combat bacterial infections like UTI.

Are you suffering from urinary tract infection? Is it chronic? Look up the home remedies and advice given below in order to recover from such ailments.

Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection

There are certain food items and herbs that you can use as home remediesfor UTI. However, the most important thing to prevent it is maintainance of proper hygiene and cleanliness. These are in fact the most important remedies. So, have a look at the Do’s and Don’ts for Urinary Tract Infection

Keep yourself clean; follow these rules

These can be called hygiene rules for those who are prone to Urinary Tract Infection.

  • Don’t ever suppress urge to urinate. This way, you are holding up the bacteria and not allowing them to pass out of your body. This may lead to infection.
  • After urinating, always wipe from front to back. When you do it from back to front, you increase the chances of anus bacteria come in contact with your urethera.
  • Whenever you go to toilet, wash your hands. This not only prevents UTI but keeps you healthy in general. If your hands get dirty due to fecal matter, wash them again before you wipe again. The fecal bacteria cause 80 to 95 percent of urinary infections.
  • Avoid washing your genital area with fragrant soaps and other lotions. Also avoid using deodorants as they destroy your body’s natural protective barrier and make you prone to infection.
  • Always wear cotton underwear and they should not be too tight. Keep them dry because moist environment promote bacteria growth.
  • Before and after sexual intercourse, always urinate and wash your private parts. Using condoms is a better way than using a diaphragm. Do not douche. Also, its better to consider alternatives for spermicides. Douching and spermicides, both can irritate your delicate tissue around urethra and raise the chances of infection.
  • During menstrual periods, use sanitary napkins instead of tampons. Frequently change napkins during the day.
  • Drink lots of water as a rule, not only to avoid UTI but also to keep your body functioning at its best.
  • Avoid having too hot, sour, or spicy foods.
  • Move your body, exercise daily at least for 30-40 minutes. Being physically active will boost your immunity and you will be lesser prone to any kind of infection.

Use baking soda to stop spreading infection

As soon as you realize that you may get urinary tract infection, have baking soda. It neutralizes acid in your urine.
• Take half teaspoon of baking soda.
• Add this to a cup of water.
• Drink it.

This remedy also makes you comfortable while you pass urine by making the process less painful. Don’t have too much of baking soda though. It is not good for your intestine.

Use magical herb cinnamon to combat infection

The very common cinnamon herb’s powder is powerful enough to kill those E. coli bacteria causing your UTI. A study carried out in Germany has showed that cinnamon can actually kill this bacteria. You just have to make tea out of this magical herb and have it for 3-4 times a day.

You will need:

• Cinnamon powder- ½ to ¾ teaspoon
• Warm water- 1 cup


• Take warm water in a cup.
• Add cinnamon powder to it and mix well.
• Drink it.
• While drinking this tea, keep a spoon ready with you to stir the tea occasionally because if your’s is a true herb, the cinnamon will not blend easily with the water. You’ll need to stir and mix it often till you finish the drink.

If you are using cinnamon tea to prevent UTI, its enough to drink this tea once a day but if your infection has already set in, have 3-4 cups of it daily.

 Warning: Cinnamon can stop or delay menstruation. Thus you may skip one or even two periods if you regularly consume cinnamon in such high quantities. In fact, in ancient Egypt, this herb had been used as a contraceptive. So, if you are planning to conceive or you are already pregnant, avoid using this remedy for UTI because it can also induce labor. Also do not apply this remedy on kids below two years of age. When giving this tea to older kids and people above 65 years of age, use low quantities of cinnamon initially.

Make Marshmallow root tea

It will sooth your urinary system. And what’s more, marshmallow root is safe for everyone including babies and pregnant women. You can have it as much as you like, even up to 5-8 cups a day if you have a real bad and painful bladder. This herb has demulcent, emollient, and diuretic properties. It not only helps in soothing the inflamed and irritated tissues of your bladder but is also helps to nourish these tissues. It also works by increasing the acidity of your urine thus inhibiting bacterial growth. When combined with other diuretic herbs, marshmallow root can treat kidney and bladder inflammations as well as kidney stones. It also stops bleeding, if any, in the urine. You may make marshmallow tea with cold infusion method to get pure extract of its mucilage.

You will need:

• Marsmallow root – enough to fill ¼ of the jar you’ll use
• Lukewarm water
• A jar with lid


• Place the marshmallow root in th jar to fill ¼ of it.
• Add the lukewarm water to fill the whole jar.
• Cover with lid and leave it overnight. If not overnight, it should be left to soak at least for 4 hours.
• In the morning, strain the thick and viscous golden yellow and somewhat brownish water.
• Have this tea through out the day to soothe your bladder.

Marshmallow tea not only gives you comfort when you suffer from Urinary Tract Infection but is also one of the many good remedies for heartburn.

Take help from coriander powder

This is an Ayurvedic remedy for your urinary tract infection- using the common spice coriander or cilantro. Ayurveda says that excessive heat of body and high pitta dosha are responsible for burning sensation while urinating. While you should not have too hot and spicy foods, this spice coriander, having cool properties, can definitely help you a lot. You can use coriander seeds to make tea, optionally adding cumin and fennel seeds too. This will become a very good anti-inflammatory and digestive beverage that will eliminate the burning sensation whilr urinating. Alternatively, you can use coriander the Ayurveda way.

You will need:

• Coriander seeds powder- 3 tablespoons
• Rock candy powder (or unrefined sugar)- 1 tablespoon
• Water- 3 cups
• Earthen pot (preferable but optional)


• Take 3 cups of water in the vessel.
• Add coriander and rock candy powder.
• Mix well.
• Leave it to soak overnight.
• Next day, again stir the solution to mix it well if the powder settles down.
• Drink 1 cup each for three times a day.

Get yourself cranberry juice

While cranberry juice cannot treat your UTI, it can definitely prevent the infection by stopping E.coli bacteria from adhering to the urinary bladder lining and urethra. The pure unsweetened juice of cranberries, thus, don’t kill the bacteria but block them from lodging. When you urinate, the bacteria gets flushed away. You should have 50 – 150 ml of pure cranberry juice everyday. If you prefer to dilute your juice, increase its quantity. However, you should be ready for the side effects of cranberry juice. It may hamper the workings of your regular medications that you take for UTI and may also give rise to kidney stones. As soon as you have more than three liters of this juice in a day,you may suffer from diarrhea. Also, this juice is not that effective for men.