Colic in Infants

Colic in Infants
Almost all babies have colic pain in between their 3rd to 6th month after birth. When the infant suffers from stomach pain, he/she cries uncontrollably. Colic pain in babies happens due to a very specific reason. When the baby is born, its intestines are not fully developed. The intestines start taking shape in the 3rd or 4th month of the baby’s life. This is the time when the baby experiences colic pain.

1.Cinnamon Cinnamon is known for its healing properties. It can be used to cure indigestion and gas . Even for colic pain, tea infused with cinnamon can be very helpful.

2.Caraway Caraway seeds are very useful for relaxing the knots that are forming in the intestines for the baby and causing so much pain.

3.Basil The chemicals present in basil leaves can relieve spasms and are also sedative. The baby can go to sleep peacefully if it is sedated.

4.Cardamom Cardamom is very effective when it comes to relaxing the baby and curing nausea. The colic pain can sometimes make the baby nauseous. Infusions of cardamom van be very helpful in this regard.

5.Chamomile Tea Chamomile is a flower that is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also has some strong anti-spasmodic elements in it.

6.Mint The newborn baby’s intestines go through very strong spasms and cause colic pain. Mint has properties that relax these spasms and give relief to the baby.

7.Feed More Often Breastfeeding the baby is one of the best ways to keep it calm. So feed the baby little at a time and at shorter intervals. It might help the baby calm down and go to sleep.

8.Ajwain Compress Take ajwain seeds in a handkerchief and tie it up in a knot. Now heat the knotted handkerchief on a flat pan over a gas oven. Use this mildly heated cloth as a hot compress to be placed on the baby’s abdomen. It soothes away the pain and relaxes the baby.

9.Running Water Running water is one of the best ways to soothe the baby in pain. Place a tub under a tap. Hold your baby under the tap and let the water run gently over him/her. Ensure that no water enters the baby’s nostrils, eyes or ears.

10.Sleep If you can make the baby go to sleep during this painful time, then it is the best solution for pain. Try soothing music and lullabies to put the baby to sleep so that he/she can ride out the pain.