Natural Remedies for Costochondritis

Costochondritis is an inflammation of the cartilage that attaches the ribs to the breastbone, it can be caused by infection, an inflammatory disease process and other unknown causes.   As with most health conditions, stress and tension will make the pain worse.

Pushing on the ribs and sternum causes pain, there may be intermittment stabbing pains, a constant dull ache, there may also be pain in the shoulders, arms and back.   The tight and swollen chest muscles may even give the feeling of heart attack or lung problems – of course a health practitioner should rule out any health conditions relating to the heart or lungs.   When it is a chronic condition, it will tend to come and go, in many cases it disappears completely in 6 – 12 months.

Natural Remedies for Costochondritis

Noni fruit acts as an anti-inflammatory and is an excellent natural remedy for Costochondritis.  We have had reports from customers who have experienced rapid relief from Costochondritis in just a few days.  Two traditional names for Noni have been ‘painkiller tree’ and ‘headache’ tree. Research has show that noni is completely safe, and does not exhibit any toxic effects.

It has been accepted that one of noni’s major benefits, is in its relief of most types of pain. Doctor’s and other health professionals interviewed believe that noni helped 88% of their pain patients. At the Laboratory of Pharmacosny of the University of Metz in France, they have found Noni has a central analgesic (pain killing) effect, being 75% as effective as Morphine Sulphate in relieving most pain. Additionally it is not addictive.


Dr Bolsas (orthopaedic surgeon) from Indiana, uses noni in his practice and takes it himself. He used to be unable to sleep on his stomach due to back-pain, the noni alleviated this pain, and also the pain in his left shoulder. His energy level has increased. His patients with chronic back pain have had significant relief, as have patients with chronic knee pain from osteoarthritis, becoming almost pain free.